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How much does a boiler cost?

The price you pay for a new boiler will vary depending on a few factors for example:

  • The type If you’re getting a heat-only or storage boiler, there may be extra boiler costs if you need a hot water cylinder fitting.
  • The size The larger the boiler (measured in kilowatts) the more expensive you usually find it is
  • The brand Although most boiler brands offer models at different price ranges, some brands are cheaper overall. Getting a boiler that is reliable is the most important consideration when deciding which brand to go for as it will likely be cheaper and less stress long term.
Boiler engineer fixing boiler
How much does a new boiler cost?

The cost of a new boiler depends upon the size of boiler, type of boiler and fuel type. Below is an indication of the typical price range for the different types of boilers available as well as an alternative fuel price range.

Similar to the actual boiler cost there are a number of factors that impact upon the cost of installing a boiler but as a guide you could be looking in the region of £500 up to £3000. Depending on the amount of the work the engineer needs to do will affect that overall cost – for example, if they need to change pipework or change the location of the boiler.

When getting a quote for the cost of installing a new boiler it should include the price of a new boiler, a system clean and labour, and finally any extras you request.

Type of boilerBoiler costs
Gas Combi£600 to £1,000
Gas system£600 to £1,100
Gas Heat-only£512 to £3,000
Oil Combi£2,000 to £3,200
Oil System£1,300 to £2,500
Oil conventional£1,100 to £3,500
What does a new boiler cost

We would always recommend to get your heating system cleaned when getting a new boiler installed to remove any built-up sludge, hence making sure your new heating system is running as efficient as it can be.

There are different methods of cleaning a heating system. A power flush, used to clean heavily sledged systems, will range in cost from £300 to £775 for a five-radiator system. Many installers will offer this service to you, if they don’t of course make sure you ask!

  • Magnetic filter This will keep your system free of gunk and sludge and cost between £80 and £130.
  • Thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) They can be an effective way to keep your system balanced and room temperatures comfortable. They can lead to lower heating bills as they prevent rooms you don’t use often from being overheated. For a low cost of £15 per radiator its certainly worth looking into.
  • Smart thermostat and/or smart radiator valves These can be connected to via a smart phone allowing you full control of your heating no matter where you are and can also help lower your heating bills even more.

  1. Combi boiler
  2. Heat-only boiler
  3. System boiler
  4. Oil boiler

Most importantly you should always get a gas boiler installed by a gas safe-registered engineer. The Gas Safe Register provides details of registered installers and allows you to confirm the identity of any installer.
Additionally each installer must carry an ID card, this will list the work they’re qualified to do and have a Gas Safe number you can check on the Gas Safe Register.

Subsequently if you don’t have the time or want to make sure you are getting quotes from reputable and vetted companies why not use our Quote Hub, its simple, quick and most importantly free!

Combi boiler costs

Combi boilers are great for smaller homes or flats that typically have one bathroom. For instance aA combi boiler heats water on demand and doesn’t require a large hot water cylinder or feed tank hence saving space.

Furthermore over 50% of new boilers installed in the UK are combi boilers or combination boiler that they are more formally know. In fact combi boilers are highly efficient and switching from a conventional boiler to a combi boiler could help you save money on your energy bills.

The main advantages you get from a combi boiler are first they are compact in size and only require a small space, secondly they are highly efficient with most combo boilers being up to 90%+ efficient, Lastly they save you money compared to traditional boilers.

There are however some disadvantages, for instance they can struggle to meet high demand for water and have a slower water rate. Additionally if a combi boiler breaks down you will lose both heating and hot water.

combi boiler on a wall
ScenarioBoiler costsCost of labour
Replacing a combi boiler with a new combi, in the same location£600 to £1,000£650-£2,150
Replacing a heat-only or system boiler with a new combi boiler£600 to £1,000£950 to £2,800
Combi boiler costs

Heat-only boiler costs

Heat-only, or also know as regular or conventional boilers require a hot water cylinder. Usually found in an airing cupboard, plus a cold water feed tank typically found in the loft. The two tanks means they’re most suitable to larger homes.

Because the hot water they produce is stored in a cylinder, they can provide large amounts of hot water making it ideal if you have a big family or multiple bathrooms in use at once.

For example to install or replace a hot water cylinder this can cost from £300 for a lower-capacity cylinder up to £600 for a larger capacity and highly insulated.

Firstly a heat-only system can supply a large amount of hot water for instance they can provide hot water to multiple radiators and bathroom simultaneously where a combi boiler may struggle. In addition they deliver hot water through your central heating system using a pump, which means they aren’t under pressure.

However there are some drawbacks, namely they can run out of water, because they draw water from a cylinder rather than the mains. Afterwards once all the water from the cylinder is used, it will need to refill with cold water and heat it to the temperature required. Equally important is you need space for this type of system.

In conclusion if you have a large property or high demand for water this is the system for you.

graphic of steaming tap
ScenarioBoiler costsCost of labour
Replace like for like in same location. (No new hot water cylinder)£512 to £3,000£650 to £2,150
Replace like for like in same location. (also with new hot water cylinder)£512 to £3,000£950 to £2,650
Replacing combi with a new heat-only boiler (also including cylinder)£512 to £3,000£1,250 to £3,400
Heat-only boiler cost

System boiler costs

Firstly a system boiler is just like a regular boiler, except it doesn’t need a large cold water tank. As such, the hot water cylinder needed is an unvented one.

For example these typically cost £900 at the lower capacity end and of course costing more for a higher capacity at around £1300.

System boilers are generally viewed as an alternative to a heat-only or conventional boiler. Additionally due to the lack of needing a stored water cylinder is requires less space.

ScenarioBoiler costsLabour costs
Replacing a heat only or system boiler with a new system boiler in the same location (no new cylinder)£1,300 to £2,500£650 to £2,150
Replacing a heat only or system boiler with a new system boiler in the same location (also including new unvented hot water cylinder)£1,300 to £2,500£1,550 to £3,400
Replacing a combi boiler with a new system boiler (also including new unvented hot water cylinder)£1,300 to £2,500£1,800 to £4,000
System boiler costs

Oil boiler costs

Similarly to Gas boilers the following oil systems should always be carried our by a trained professional.

  • Oil storage tanks and piping connected to combustion appliances
  • Oil-fired combustion appliance, which has a rated heat output of 100kW or less also in a building with no more than 3 storeys
  • Heating and/or hot water systems connected to an oil-fired combustion appliance

In the same way as gas boilers you can expect lower installation costs if you are directly swapping your current boiler.

In addition you may have to install an oil store. Smaller stores suitable to smaller houses typically cost around £1200, likewise a larger store will set you back closer to £2,400.

Similarly to Gas, Oil installers have to be accredited and registered. We have complied a list of schemes to help you find an oil engineer.

ScenarioBoiler costsLabour costs
Replacing combi oil boiler with a combi oil boiler in the same location£2,000 to £3,000£800 to £2,000
Replacing a combi oil boiler with a heat only or system boiler (Also including hot water cylinder)£1,300 to £2,500£1,100 to £3,500
Replacing a heat only or system oil boiler with a new system oil boiler ( no new cylinder) also same location£1,300 to £2,500£800 to £2,000
Replacing a heat only or system boiler with a new combi oil boiler£2,000 to £3,000£1,100 to £2,900
Oil boiler costs
How often should I change my boiler?

The lifespan of a boiler is generally around 10 to 15 years. While this is an average, with good maintenance it may last longer.

How often should I get my boiler serviced?

You should get your boiler serviced annually, it will help avoid unforeseen problems and keep it running efficiently

What are the different boilers?

There are three main types of boiler you can install in your home: Combi boilers, heat only (regular boilers) and system boilers.

What are the common problems of boilers?

Leaking, low boiler pressure, no heating or hot water, frozen condensate pipe, radiator issues, thermostat issues and pilot light issues.

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