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3m X 3m Conservatory Costs

A 3m x 3m conservatory, equating to a spacious 9 square meters, provides ample room for uses like a dining space, children’s play area, home office or hobby zone.

Adding a conservatory is one of the most popular home extension projects for UK homeowners seeking additional living space. Conservatories allow you to enjoy garden views year-round while benefiting from abundant natural light.

With smart design, quality materials and the right builder, a 3×3 metre conservatory can become a valuable addition that adds light, versatility and value to your property.

This guide covers everything you need to know about undertaking your own 3 meter by 3 meter conservatory project from planning through to completion.

Here are some of the main benefits of adding a 3m x 3m conservatory:

  • Extra living space – A 9 sq m conservatory provides a good amount of versatile room that can serve as a dining area, kids playroom, home office, etc.
  • Light-filled setting – The abundance of natural light creates a bright, airy space to enjoy. Glass roof and windows maximize light.
  • Garden views – Large windows and doors enable you to overlook and appreciate your garden from the comfort of the conservatory.
  • Energy efficiency – Properly insulated modern conservatories are much more energy efficient than older styles.
  • Adds property value – A conservatory can boost your home’s value by 4-7% typically by adding usable living space.
  • Flexible uses – Multi-purpose space that can adapt as your needs change over time.
  • Aesthetic appeal – Attractive new addition that enhances the look of your home’s exterior.
  • Cost effective – Conservatories are a lower cost way to add space compared to a full extension.
  • Quick to install – A conservatory can be installed in just a few weeks typically.

A 3x3m conservatory gives you enough space to create a versatile, light-filled room to complement your home without requiring a huge investment or alteration.

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Here are some additional details on how a 3m x 3m conservatory can add value to your property:

  • Added Floor Space – A conservatory effectively increases the total square footage of usable living space in your home. 3x3m adds a notable 9 sq m. This is space that can be enjoyed and lived in year-round.
  • Desirable Feature – Conservatories are a sought after home feature, especially in suburban or rural properties. Having one adds appeal for many potential buyers.
  • Flexible Space – The multi-purpose nature of a conservatory, whether used as a lounge, dining room, office etc makes it attractive for buyers’ different needs.
  • Kerb Appeal – A conservatory provides an aesthetic enhancement to the rear of your home. The additional structure and ample glazing stands out and adds curb appeal.
  • Higher Asking Price – Typical added value for a conservatory is 4-7% of your property’s overall price. So on a £250,000 home, you could potentially ask £12,500 – £17,500 more.
  • Stronger Negotiating Position – Having an existing conservatory makes your home more unique compared to others on the market. This lets you negotiate better on offers.
  • Future Extension Opportunity – Many conservatories are later converted to full brick extensions. Yours being ready for further extension is attractive.

A conservatory is the perfect versatile space to take full advantage of when enhancing your home’s livable area.

Maximize usage and enjoyment of your conservatory with clever furnishings like a folding dining table and stackable garden chairs for flexible layouts.

Install blinds or curtains to modulate light and temperature. Use lighting like wall sconces and pendant lamps to create ambiance for different functions.

Decorate and accessorize the space to complement your home – keep furnishings light to capitalize on the airy, light interior. Install multiple power outlets suitable for year-round use.

Upgrade the flooring with insulation and materials like laminate suitable for variable temperatures. With the right furnishings and creative touches, your conservatory can provide a beautiful multi-purpose space to eat, relax, work or play in.

New upgraded Tiled Conservatory roof on convervatory

You can get a 3m x 3m conservatory in most styles. The obvious stand-out choice for most homeowners if the ‘Lean to style’ conservatory, they stand out for there simplicity, functionality and usability.

Although the lean to is a popular option the ‘Edwardian style’ conservatory is up there. Having large windows and typically a glass roof it can be a much more bright and airy space.

Here are the main conservatory styles to consider for a 3m x 3m conservatory:

  • Victorian – Classic style with ornate ridge details and pitched, faceted end walls. Provides great headroom.
  • Edwardian – Square or rectangular with a flat front facade. Roof is hipped back from the centre. Simple and affordable.
  • Lean-to – Simple sloped glass roof against house wall. More limited space but cost effective.
  • Gable – Pitched roof with triangular gable ends. Maximize height and light.
  • P-Shaped – Combination style with a rectangular main room and attached lean-to section.
  • T-Shaped – Two wings at right angles giving a T layout, one often being a lean-to.
  • Orangery – Brick pillars for a grandeur look combined with glazed panels.
Conservatory StyleDescriptionAverage Cost
VictorianPitched roof, ornate ridge, faceted ends£6,000 – £10,000
EdwardianRectangular, flat front, hipped roof£5,000 – £8,000
Lean-toSloped glass roof against house£4,000 – £6,000
GablePitched roof with triangle gable ends£6,000 – £9,000
P-ShapedRectangular room with attached lean-to£7,000 – £10,000
T-ShapedTwo wings at right angles in T layout£8,000 – £12,000
OrangeryBrick pillars and glazed panels£10,000 – £15,000
Different 3m x 3m conservatory style costs

The 3x3m size can accommodate most styles, though Victorian and gable offer more useable floor area. Choose based on your budget, aesthetic tastes, and desired features

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Adding a conservatory can provide valuable extra living space to enjoy the views and natural light from your garden. A popular conservatory size is 3m x 3m, creating a versatile 9 square metre space suitable for uses like a dining area, kids playroom or hobby room. But what can you expect to pay for a conservatory of this size?

The total cost for a 3m x 3m conservatory depends on the style, materials and fittings chosen. Here is a rough breakdown of typical pricing:

Base build – For the basic conservatory framework including dwarf walls, roof, glazing and polycarbonate panels, expect to pay £3,500 – £5,000. This is the starting price for a DIY build using basic materials from retailers like Wickes or Homebase.

Installation – Having a 3x3m conservatory professionally installed tends to range from £6,000 – £9,000 depending on the complexity of access and foundations required. This includes the base build and labour for installation and finishing.

Style – The style of conservatory impacts price. A lean-to style attached to your home is the most affordable option starting from £5,000. A Victorian or Edwardian style with a bay front or ornate detailing costs £7,000-£12,000.

Materials – Double glazing rather than single pane glass, upgraded PVC frames, tile roofing and dwarf brick walls rather than panels increase long term durability for £7,000-£10,000 total.

Extras – Adding power, lighting, heating and flooring instead of leaving as a concrete base adds £1,000-£3,000. Bi-fold or French doors, roof vents and other upgrades add further expense.

  • DIY lean-to 3 x 3 conservatory: £3,500 – £6,000
  • Professionally built 3 x 3 conservatory: £9,000 – £12,500
  • Fully fitted 3 x 3 conservatory with extras: £14,000 – £20,000+

Always get multiple quotes and look for reputable local builders with experience installing conservatories. Consider long term costs like maintenance and repairs – quality materials used in the initial build make a difference. And ensure you get all necessary planning permission and building regulation approvals before starting work.

With the right design and quote comparison, investing in a 3x3m conservatory can provide an affordable way to add light-filled, versatile space to enjoy your garden setting from the comfort of home.

3m x 3m Conservatory with a glass roof UK

In conclusion, a 3 x 3m conservatory is a fantastic addition to any home. With its versatile use and abundance of natural light, it can be transformed into a comfortable and inviting space for any purpose. By considering your needs and taking steps to regulate the temperature and decorate the space, you can make the most of your conservatory and enjoy it for years to come.

If you already have a conservatory why not check out our page on conservatory roof replacements? and our article on Tiled conservatory roof costs.

Do I need planning permission for a 3 x 3 conservatory in the UK?

In most cases, a conservatory in the UK can be built without the need for planning permission, as long as it meets certain criteria. However, it’s always a good idea to check with your local council to confirm their specific regulations and requirements.

Can I use my conservatory in the UK all year round?

Yes, with proper insulation and heating, a conservatory in the UK can be used all year round. Underfloor heating, electric radiators, or air conditioning units can be used to keep the space warm in the winter months, while shading and ventilation systems can help to keep the space cool in the summer.

What kind of roof should I choose for my conservatory in the UK?

The roof for your conservatory in the UK can be made of glass or polycarbonate material, depending on your preferences and budget. Glass roofs provide better insulation and natural light, but can be more expensive. Polycarbonate roofs are more affordable and offer good insulation, but may not provide as much natural light.