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Garden improvements

Garden with wheelbarrow for garden improvements

Welcome to Garden improvements, your source for the latest tips and ideas to improve your outdoor living space! We’re passionate about helping you create a garden oasis that you’ll love spending time in.

From landscaping and hardscaping to planting and decor, we cover it all.

Below you’ll find our most recent posts on upgrading your backyard sanctuary. Be sure to check back often as we’re always adding new garden improvements content!

Continue exploring our site for garden improvement ideas, landscaping advice, and inspiration for designing a beautiful, functional outdoor living space perfectly suited to your needs.

We’re happy to help you take your garden from drab to fab!

Laying new turf with a rake
Garden blog

A Step-by-Step Guide to Laying New Turf

Get Your Garden Summer-Ready Having a lush, green lawn can greatly enhance the beauty and functionality of your garden. A well-maintained lawn provides a space for outdoor activities, adds value to your property, and creates a welcoming atmosphere. If you are considering laying new turf in your garden, it is important to understand the importance… Read More »A Step-by-Step Guide to Laying New Turf

Mediterranean style landscaped garden
Garden blog | Home Improvement news

Transform Your Outdoor Space with Professional Garden Landscaping Services

Garden landscaping is a wonderful way to transform your outdoor space into a beautiful and functional area. Whether you have a small backyard or a sprawling garden, professional garden landscaping services can help you create a space that reflects your personal style and enhances your outdoor living experience. With the expertise of landscape gardeners, you… Read More »Transform Your Outdoor Space with Professional Garden Landscaping Services

wooden fence panels with concrete fence posts
Garden blog | Home Improvement news

Choosing the Perfect Fence Panels for Your Home: A Comprehensive Guide

Installing a new fence can completely transform the look and functionality of your outdoor space. The right fencing provides privacy, enhances security, adds aesthetic appeal, and clearly defines your property’s boundaries. With so many options on the market, selecting the perfect fence panels may feel overwhelming. But considering your needs and doing thorough research will… Read More »Choosing the Perfect Fence Panels for Your Home: A Comprehensive Guide

upright Cold Frame
Garden blog

Cold Frames, Cloches and Fleece: Essentials for Winter Garden Care

While the autumn weather may be warmer than usual, it’s fair to say cooler temperatures are just around the corner. Cold Frames and Cloches are an excellent way to prolong your growing season despite the cold climate, and they can help your tender favourite last until next year: Read on to discover the easiest and best ways… Read More »Cold Frames, Cloches and Fleece: Essentials for Winter Garden Care

Wooden compost bin in garden
Garden blog

Composting Made Simple – How to Start Composting at Home

Composting at home is one of the most rewarding and beneficial practices for any gardener. By recycling your kitchen scraps and yard waste into compost, you can nourish your garden soil and plants with nature’s own fertilizer. Composting is also an easy and eco-friendly way to significantly reduce your household’s waste. With just a simple… Read More »Composting Made Simple – How to Start Composting at Home

Cabin/Garden shed with painted door and windows
Garden blog | Home Improvement news

Transform Your Garden with Sheds, Fences and Outdoor Spaces

Improving outdoor spaces has become increasingly popular across the UK in recent years. With more time spent at home, people are looking to maximise their outdoor living areas and enhance their gardens. Garden sheds, fences, garden offices and patios can transform an outdoor space into a functional yet relaxing private oasis. Gone are the days… Read More »Transform Your Garden with Sheds, Fences and Outdoor Spaces

As we wrap up this garden-centric journey, remember that the beauty of your outdoor space is a canvas for your dreams and creativity. Our garden improvement blogs are your source for inspiration, expert advice, and hands-on tips to help you transform your garden into a sanctuary of natural beauty and tranquility.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, our content is designed to empower you with the knowledge and inspiration you need to make your outdoor space thrive. So, let’s embark on this green adventure together, nurture your garden’s potential, and watch it flourish into a haven that reflects your personality and style.

Your perfect garden awaits, and our blogs are your guide to get there.

We hope you’ve enjoyed browsing our latest garden improvement ideas and inspirations. For more home upgrades that go beyond your backyard oasis, be sure to check out our sister pages:

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