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Roofline plays an essential role in the protection of your home, sealing your roof from a range of adverse weather conditions. This is important because, if left exposed, structural damage, rot and a host of other problems can occur. Whilst it’s essential for these parts to function correctly, weather resistance is equally important, due to the constant weather exposure

white guttering and roofline on house

What is Roofline?

As the name suggests, roofline is the fascias, cladding, soffits, bargeboards and antefixes that are attached to homes right below the roof. Hence the word roofline means items that line the end of the roof. The roofline protects the roof from adverse weather conditions.

Lets break down the individual components of roofline:

  • Soffits: The word ‘soffit’ comes from the French and means something fixed underneath. They provide ventilation for the roof space while shielding it from adverse weather.
  • Fascia: Fascias are found where the roof meets an outer wall, often known as roofline. The fascia offers a finished look and supports guttering.
  • Guttering: Guttering is a small trough that is used to collect run off water from your roof. It is necessary to prevent water dripping or flowing off roofs in an uncontrolled manner.

What Roofline costs

Roofline replacement costs vary, with fascias and soffits priced around £130 to £135 per meter. Scaffolding constitutes a significant portion of the total expenses, often amounting up to a third of the overall costs involved.

For a 3 bed semi-detached property the average cost of replacing your fascia and soffits is around £2,700, this will include fitting and removal of the old ones.

Roofline costs based on property size

Property SizeAverage price range (£)
Small (1-2 bedrooms)£1000 – £1,900
Medium (3-4 bedrooms)£1,800 – £3,200
Large (5+ bedrooms)£3,100 – £5,000
Average roofline costs based on property size

These costs cover all elements of roofline such as fascias, soffits, guttering and bargeboards. Its always advised to obtain multiple quotes from local installers near you to get the most competitive price.

Fascia board replacement cost:

The fascia, also referred to as the roofline, runs along the roof’s edge where it meets the outer walls of the house, providing a finished appearance and supporting the guttering. Fascia board replacement typically starts at £135 per linear metre, with the total cost, including waste removal and labour, averaging around £2,700. However, the final price may vary based on the size and type of your property.

Soffit replacement cost:

Positioned beneath the fascia board, the soffit board is typically the most visible component when viewing your house from the street. Soffit replacement costs average around £135 per linear metre, with the total price contingent on the length of your roofline. While potential savings can be achieved by capping old fittings, the enduring advantages of replacing soffit boards justify the expense.

Barge board replacement cost:

Similar to fascias, barge boards serve as weatherproofing elements, running beneath the roofline to conceal the ends of the timber roof frame. Available in both plain and elaborate designs, bargeboard replacement typically costs around £195 per linear metre.

Guttering replacement cost:

The material you chose for your guttering significantly impacts the cost. Plastic gutters emerge as the most economical option, averaging £45 per meter. Unsurprisingly making it the most popular material chose. However, opting for metal guttering entails higher costs; for instance, cast iron guttering typically costs around £80 per meter, while aluminium comes in at approximately £55 per meter.

Guttering MaterialAverage Price per Linear Meter (£)
PVC (Plastic)£38 – £50
Aluminium£45 – £55
Cast Iron£70 – £85
Steel£30 – £50
Copper£45 – £100
Guttering material costs compared

The benefits

Investing in a durable and well-maintained roofline not only protects your home but also enhances its long-term value. Quality materials such as uPVC offer numerous benefits, including unparalleled durability and resistance to weathering.

With minimal maintenance requirements and a reduced need for frequent replacements, high-grade roofline materials like uPVC ensure that your home remains safeguarded for years to come.

Additionally, a well-maintained roofline can significantly elevate the curb appeal of your property, making it more attractive to potential buyers and signalling quality and care throughout the entire house.

Key benefits of Roofline:

  • Long-Term Durability
    Investing in robust and durable roofline materials ensures long-term protection for your home. High-quality uPVC materials, will boast durability and resistance to weathering. Opting for top-grade materials provides peace of mind, requires minimal maintenance, and most importantly save you money.
  • Low Maintenance
    Quality materials are designed to be low maintenance, meaning they won’t require constant attention or repairs. Unlike traditional timber, uPVC roofline will not rot, warp, or decay when exposed to moisture and typical UK weather conditions. This saves you both time and money.
  • Improved Property Value

    Investing in high-quality roofline materials can significantly increase your property’s value. Homebuyers are drawn to houses with a well-maintained and visually appealing roofline. First impressions matter when selling your property.
black roofline on brick and black cladded house

Getting local quotes for Roofline

The Home improvement Hub work with one of the largest home improvement comparison services in the UK. They have a nationwide network of local installers for Roofline. It takes the hassle out of finding reputable companies and competitive quotes and doesn’t cost you a penny.

By completing the 30 second form below you can start the process up upgrading your home and get connected with local installers for roofline.

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In conclusion recognising the importance of roofline both from an aesthetic but also protection standpoint as well as actively investing in quality top range materials is paramount for preserving the integrity and value of your house. Prioritising durable, low maintenance and aesthetic appeal will ensure both long term protection against the elements but the value and marketability of your home. By making informed decisions and keeping your roofline maintained, you are protecting your house for years to come.