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The Home Improvement Hub: Home Improvement Quotes and News

3 terraced houses that have had home improvements. Each painted a different colour. White, green and blue.

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We created this website to bring you everything you need when it comes to those new projects around the house. We have created dedicated product pages where you can learn about the different options available, the costs involved and the best advice when finding an installer.

The advice board is a quick directory of the main schemes and governing bodies for each product industry. You will find links to the websites as well as contact details for each company.

We have also teamed up with a network of vetted and recommended installers to help you obtain free no-obligation quotes, just head over to the Quote hub find the product you want quotes for and fill out the form.

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Who is the home improvement hub

It was created to bring you all the information, news and costs on some of the most popular home improvements

What is the advice directory?

The advice directory is a list of contact details for the schemes and governing bodies for each home improvement

Can you help me get quotes?

Yes, we give advice in our articles and product pages on how to find an installer, we also offer a service via our quote hub where we can arrange free no obligation quotes.

What should I look for in a home improvement quote?

When reviewing a quote, it’s important to look for a detailed breakdown of costs and materials, as well as a clear timeline for the project. You should also ensure that the quote includes any necessary permits or licenses, and that the contractor or service provider is properly insured and licensed.

How long is a home improvement quote valid for?

The validity of a home improvement quote will vary depending on the contractor or service provider. Some may only be valid for a few days or weeks, while others may be valid for several months. Be sure to confirm the validity of the quote with the contractor or service provider.