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8 Best Ways to Keep Your Home Secure

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A home is where you can feel most comfortable and secure. Imagine what if your own home is not safe?

In my personal opinion, this can be one of the worst things that anyone can imagine. But keeping it secured is not that hard if you follow some basic steps. 

To help you get your peace of mind, no matter where you are, here are the 8 best ways for you to keep your home secure.

Let’s dive in!

How can you keep your home secure: Best ways!

1. Install an alarm system

If your home has an alarm system, chances are very low that it will get burglarized. Alarms are one of the simplest ways to keep your home secure. The alarms let you have an alert system to notify you if anyone intrudes on your home, even after they cut off the power. 

You can also set the window or lawn sign displaying your home security. They are good enough to scare off the would-be intruders. But if you are thinking about the high cost and upkeep of the alarm system being a homeowner, there are many budgeted options available in the market. 

You can go for a simple alarm system comprising noise to scare off intruders as they hate even a little noise. But yes, they are not as good as professionally installed alarm systems. Smart technology has made it easier than ever to easily monitor your home’s alarm system from anywhere anytime.

2. Lock the windows

The first way to secure your home is to properly lock the windows as they are the first target of criminals to enter. Still, after locking, intruders can break the window glass and reach inside and unlock the window or door to enter. This is one of the typical ways that most criminals follow. 

However, you can manage to stop it before it happens. You can fortify your windows starting with the glass itself. Regular glass is easier to break than laminated glass. You can go for the latter one. Apart from this, there are many ways to reinforce the windows:

  • You can strengthen glass with film, especially for window security.
  • You can add window bars to leave no space for criminals to enter even after breaking the glass.
  • You can opt for window sensors or sensors for glass breaking.
  • You can add thorny bushes under windows. 

While building your dream home, make sure to position the home doors farther than one arm’s length from the windows. If intruders are successful in breaking the glass, they may not be successful in reaching the door from the inside. But before all this, make sure to properly lock the windows or doors before you leave as this is one of the most important practices to keep your home secure.

3. Eliminate hiding places if any

Now, the next one is a very important step to follow from your side. Do a proper check of the house and find the possible hiding spots that can help the criminals to hide. Trees and shrubs are the most potential spots that any burglar can opt for. They make your home look appealing but they are the easiest places for burglars to hide and wait for the right moment to break into the house. 

So, you should trim down the trees close to your home that could be used by intruders to cover themselves. You should opt for smaller bushes and flowering plants instead. If you have bushes around the windows, remove them or make the windows stronger enough for security. Apart from bushes and trees, there may be many other potential points, like roof stairs, or garages. Try to eliminate all the hiding places to avoid any mistakes from your side.

4. Opt for home automation

A little home automation is good for your home being one of the best home improvement ideas too. If you have been interested in transforming your house into a smart home, security is one of the major reasons to go for it. 

With home automation, you can have complete control over:

  • Lights
  • Security Cameras
  • Door Locks
  • Smoke Alarms, etc.

With automation, you can get real-time alerts about any suspicious activity to respond instantly and scare off the thieves. Here is how you can go for home automation:

  • You can schedule lights to turn on and off when not at home.
  • You can get an instant video if anyone walks into your home.
  • You can check for smoke alarms and cancel false alarms. 

Smart lighting can let you set up home and away modes to make it look like you are moving through your daily routine. There are many home remodeling businesses available online that can help you to make your home automated. You can quickly fetch a quote as they are in search of home improvement leads like you. They will surely help you to do home automation that too quickly and efficiently.

5. Set up secure doors

You can make it more difficult for intruders to enter your home through doors by improving security with more secured doors. Before leaving, you should inspect all the exterior doors to double-check the security. 

Make sure all the door frames are strong and the hinges are protected. All doors means all doors including interior doors. Unfortunately, if burglars are successful in breaking into the house, you can still protect the valuables if interior doors are well secured. 

If any of the family members have an issue remembering the door locking before leaving, you can opt for smart locks that automatically lock when the door is closed. Opting for smart locks can be one of the finest decisions you can make to keep your home secure.

6. Have proper protection against fire

Keeping your home secure is not only in terms of theft, it also implies every protection aspect. For instance, protection against fire. A fire can be one of the worst nightmares that anyone can face that too at their dream home. So, instead of facing this, try to prevent it beforehand. 

To do this, you can install smoke detectors. You should test them at regular intervals and keep them maintained. You should replace the batteries whenever needed or annually to not leave even a single loophole from your side. 

You should have one smoke detector at every level of the home. You should keep a handy fire extinguisher in high-risk areas, like the garage, or kitchen. You should check the expiry date of the extinguishers.  Apart from all this, try a fire exit plan with your family in advance to make sure you have a proper protection plan against fire.

7. Keep your WiFi network protected

Having a wireless network is the need of the hour for every house being in the race of the digital era. As homes are automated these days, all the work depends upon the WiFi network of the home. 

So, the intruders can easily hack important information if they hack your internet connection or get to know about the password. Don’t take it lightly to keep the WiFi unprotected as you may think only family members are using it. 

If hackers get to enter into the private information related to the house, they can access your home. Smart devices, security alarms, and even lighting can control all from their end. That’s why keeping the WiFi network protected with a strong password is one of the most important parts of keeping your home secure. Also, don’t overshare important information like passwords with the persons near your surroundings.

8. Install a home security camera

Last but not least way to keep your home secure is installing home security cameras to keep an eye on your home. With cameras, you can monitor what’s happening in or around your home. If you opt for smart security cameras, you can view them from your smartphone or laptop. 

Installing security cameras is not only a deterring solution but also a means to get justice if anything goes wrong. While opting for smart security cameras, you can consider the given features:

  • Motion-triggered recordings.
  • Two-way audio communication capability.
  • Infrared night vision. 

All the given features are good if you are monitoring your home camera in real time from your smartphone.

Summing Up keeping your Home Secure

So, wrapping up this blog with the most thoughtful ways to keep your home secure. If you properly follow all the basic yet important ways to keep your home secure and safe, you can have peace of mind. 

Apart from the given, you can opt for more:

  • You can go for a visual security alarm.
  • Don’t forget to keep an eye on the garage.
  • Increase fence security. 
  • Be mindful while choosing a place for the important keys. 
  • You should safeguard hazardous areas. 

Figuring out how to secure your home is not a daunting task. Just be a little thoughtful and you are good to go to protect your home. Identify the suitable tips as per your home and location and also be aware of the suspicious activities around your home. 

Still have queries in mind, you can ask us freely. We will connect with you happily. Also, if you have any other way to keep the home secure, you can drop your idea with us.

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