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A Guide to Adjustable Beds and Accessories

Adjustable care bed

Finding Comfort and Care: A Guide to Adjustable Beds and Accessories for Improved Sleep and Health

Getting a restful night’s sleep and maintaining health can become more difficult as we age. Thankfully, today’s adjustable beds, specialist mattresses, reclining chairs and accessories make it easier to enhance comfort, improve sleep quality, and provide medical benefits.

This guide will explore the range of products available to you or your loved ones and help you find the right solutions for your needs.

Adjustable beds allow you to elevate your upper body and legs to find your ideal position for sleeping, reading, watching TV and more.

With an adjustable base, you can raise the head up to 70 degrees and elevate the feet up to 45 degrees. This allows you to find relief from conditions like acid reflux, sleep apnoea, back and joint pain, and poor circulation in the legs.

You can also adjust the bed into an upright position that makes getting in and out of bed easier. These can either be adjustable single beds or doubles.

Other benefits of adjustable beds include:

  • Pressure relief – Adjusting the bed reduces pressure points, allowing you to shift positions frequently. This promotes proper blood flow and reduces restlessness.
  • Customised comfort – You can tweak the positions throughout the night as needed for optimal comfort and sleep. Partners can even choose different positions.
  • Convenience – Many bases come with features like under-bed lighting, USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity and massage. You can operate the bed with a remote or smartphone app.

Adjustable bed costs:

Adjustable beds range in price from £600 on the low end to over £3,000 for high-end models with advanced features. Brands to consider include Silentnight, Invacare and Happy Beds – we recommend you check out Opera Bed’s for the best options and prices.. Be sure to select an appropriate mattress designed to flex with an adjustable base.

Adjustable double bed with grey frame

Profile beds offer an ultra low position close to the floor for safety and ease of access. Also known as profiling beds, they adjust from completely flat up to a raised position while keeping the user close to the ground.

Benefits of profile floor beds:

  • Fall prevention – The low platform helps prevent dangerous falls out of bed during the night.
  • Easy access – The close floor height makes getting into and out of bed simpler without climbing up or bending down.
  • Self-mobility – Even those with limited mobility can adjust their own positioning using the remote or manual controls.
  • Pressure relief – Raising the back or knees reduces pressure points for comfort and prevention of sores.
  • Safety – Optional cot sides provide security from rolling out of bed while allowing freedom of movement.
  • Caregiver convenience – Adjustments are effortless for caregivers assisting with repositioning.

Profile floor beds are operated electronically or manually. Prices range from £1,200 basic models to £5,000 for beds with advanced positioning controls and therapy features. Top brands available in the UK include Sidhil, Kaydex and Drive Medical. Check out Opera Bed’s website to get further information and accurate costing’s.

With their stability, ease of use and rehabilitation benefits, profiling floor beds are an excellent option for elderly and disabled users seeking safety and independence. They allow comfortable sleep along with the ability to self-adjust positions as needed.

profile care bed on wheels

For individuals who require routine repositioning to avoid pressure sores and skin breakdown, rotating beds provide an automated way to change position.

These beds use motors to slowly rotate the mattress from side to side. Rotation cycles can be set from 15 minutes to 2 hours as prescribed.

Benefits of rotating beds:

  • Prevent pressure ulcers – Rotating redistributes pressure over time, reducing duration of pressure on any one area. This protects vulnerable skin.
  • Promote proper circulation – Routine movement helps stimulate blood flow to aid tissue health.
  • Custom programming – Set the degree and frequency of rotation based on care needs. Slow transitions are gentle.
  • Reduce caregiver workload – Automated turning provides effortless repositioning around the clock. Less manual labour is required.

Rotating bed costs:

Expect to spend £2,000 to £4,500 for a rotating bed. Leading manufacturers include Sidhil, Rotec and Kaydex. You’ll need a pressure-reducing surface like an air mattress or foam support surface.

Specialized mattresses are designed to provide relief from pressure points and promote proper spinal alignment. This makes them ideal for those vulnerable to wounds, with back pain, arthritis and other discomfort. Key options include:

Pressure Relief Mattresses

These redistribute body weight to reduce prolonged pressure and stimulate blood flow. Choices include:

  • Memory foam conforms to the body’s natural contours. Costs range from £900 to £2,100.
  • Latex relieves pressure while providing bounce and cooling. Expect to pay £1,100 to £2,300.
  • Air mattresses use inflatable chambers that adjust firmness and support. Prices range from £1,400 to £3,400.
Low Air Loss Mattresses

These advanced air mattresses are used extensively in hospitals and long-term care facilities. The support surface includes tiny air holes that allow body heat and moisture to dissipate, keeping skin cool and dry. By inflating and deflating the air chambers, the bed continually readjusts the pressure distribution. Prices range from £1,900 to £3,800.

Alternating Pressure Mattresses

These air mattresses have multiple chambers that alternately inflate and deflate in cycles ranging from 10 to 30 minutes. This completely eliminates pressure for short periods. Costs range from £1,900 to £4,600.

Take a look at Opera Beds to see their selection of mattresses.

Profile floor adjustable bed single

For those not requiring advanced pressure care, adjustable air beds allow you to customise firmness and support. Add a luxurious mattress topper for a high-end sleep experience. Expect costs from £900 to £2,700.

Recliner Chairs Offer Comfort and Support

For comfort watching TV, reading or napping, recliner chairs provide adjustable back and leg support. Specialized recliners also aid those with mobility challenges.

Riser Recliner Chairs

These allow users to move smoothly from a sitting to standing position. The chair rises up to gently lift and tilt the person forward, providing leverage to stand.

Benefits include:

  • Assisted standing – Takes pressure off knees and back. Chair arms provide stability.
  • Independent mobility – Allows users to change positions without assistance.
  • Reduced fall risk – Slowly rises to prevent sudden drops in blood pressure.
  • Pain relief – Takes weight off hips and lower body when elevated.

Prices range from £450 on the low end, up to £1,900 for large models that support heavier weights. Look for smooth recline motion and stability when standing. Pride Mobility and Golden Technologies offer quality chairs.

Zero gravity recliners go beyond typical recliners by mimicking the weightless, neutral body position astronauts experience in space. This distributes body weight evenly to relieve pressure on the back and spine. Additional benefits include:

  • Reduced muscle tension – The relaxed pose relieves pull of gravity on the spine, shoulders and back. This deeply unwinds the body.
  • Increased lung capacity – The chest is open and weight is off the diaphragm, allowing easy full breaths. This optimizes oxygen flow.
  • Improved circulation – With feet elevated above the heart, blood and lymph fluid drain improving circulation. Reduces leg swelling.
  • Lesser acid reflux – The angled torso can prevent stomach acid from backing up into the esophagus. Helpful for heartburn.
  • Decreased spinal compression – Vertebrae are spaced apart rather than squeezed together as in normal sitting. This reduces back discomfort.
  • Better joint mobility – With gravity’s effects lessened, joints can relax and regain their flexibility. This relieves arthritis and swelling.
  • Faster recovery – The total-body restorative effects help the body heal after illness, injury or exertion.

These fully reclining chairs mimic the weightless position astronauts experience in space. With feet elevated above the heart, they redistribute weight to relieve back pressure. Prices range from £190 for basic models up to £1,100 for high-end versions with heating, massage and other luxury features.

Zero gravity care recliner

Quality sheets, mattress pads and other accessories specially designed for adjustable beds and medical mattresses provide a complete sleep system.

Adjustable Base-Friendly Sheets

Since the mattress moves and bends, sheets for adjustable beds have expandable corner pockets with elastic and straps to keep them taut and in place. Fabrics like bamboo rayon, modal and microfibre offer breathability. Choose an accessory kit with fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillowcases. Prices range from £60 to £190. Opera beds have a wide range available to view here

Mattress Pads and Toppers

These provide an extra layer of contoured padding and pressure relief. Choices include:

  • Fibre and foam toppers from 2 to 4 inches thick – £110 to £230
  • Waterproof quilted mattress pads – £75 to £190
  • Low air loss pads – £380 to £900

Supportive pillows maintain alignment and cushion the head and neck. Contour memory foam, latex, microfibre and down alternatives cost between £60 and £150.

Bed Rails and Handles

Rails prevent falls when raised, while providing support when grasping while repositioning. Expect to pay £45 to £190.

profile floor bed

Hopefully this overview provides a helpful starting point in choosing adjustable beds, mattresses, recliner chairs and accessories to enhance comfort, improve sleep, and provide medical benefits.

Focus on finding solutions that fit your health needs and lifestyle. Do your research, compare options in your price range, and read reviews from other users. Reputable retailers like Opera Bed’s provide a wide selection of products and can offer knowledgeable guidance to customers.

With the variety of adjustable bedding available today, achieving both comfort and care is easier than ever.

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