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The Best Smart Kitchen Appliances for a UK Home in 2023

smart fridge appliance in small kitchen

If you’re looking to upgrade your UK kitchen with the latest technology, here are some of the top smart kitchen appliances to consider in 2023

The world of kitchen appliances is getting smarter. From WiFi enabled refrigerators to app controlled ovens, new smart kitchen gadgets are emerging that aim to make meal preparation easier and cooking more convenient.

What’s included in our best Smart kitchen appliances article:

A smart refrigerator connects to your home WiFi network allowing you to control, monitor, and customize it directly from your smartphone. With their advanced features and connectivity, smart fridges aim to simplify food preservation and meal management.

Here are some top-rated models to consider for UK homes:

The spacious 591L Samsung RB41A7859S9 French Door Fridge Freezer is packed with premium innovations. It has a responsive 10-inch touchscreen built into the front door for quick access to settings and controls.

The 3 internal cameras let you peek inside from your phone to view contents – ideal for checking what needs to be added to your shopping list! Temperature can be adjusted remotely, and you’ll receive alerts if the door stays open accidentally.

This Samsung model also features an auto-fill pitcher that refills itself with filtered water and an automatic dual ice maker for plenty of refreshing ice cubes. With its ample storage the Samsung provides high-end features, albeit at a high price of around £1,599.

For a simpler connected fridge freezer with voice control access, the Hisense RS695N4WC1 Side by Side Fridge Freezer could fit the bill. While it lacks internal cameras, the 543L capacity provides ample space for most families’ storage needs.

You’re able to connect to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for hands-free voice commands. Use your voice to set temperatures, run diagnostics, or get information displayed on the handy interior LCD panel.

An integrated ice and water dispenser gives you chilled refreshment instantly. At under £900, this wifi enabled fridge hits the mark for essential smart features on a budget. It earns a 4.2 out of 5 star rating on Amazon UK for its solid performance and easy connectivity.

If you want to incorporate a camera plus customized style, check out the higher-end LG GSL960PZXV InstaView Door-in-Door Fridge with its 714L capacity…

By connecting your food storage hub to WiFi for app and voice access, smart refrigerators provide convenient control and monitoring to simplify meal management for today’s tech-savvy households. Compare the latest models with advanced features, ratings and pricing to find the perfect fit.

ModelKey featuresCost
Samsung RB41A7859S9 French Door Fridge Freezer591L capacity – Built-in touchscreen – Internal cameras – Auto-fill water pitcher – Dual ice makers – 4.5/5 star rating£1,599
Hisense RS695N4WC1 Side by Side Fridge Freezer543L capacity – Alexa/Google Assistant compatible – LCD display panel – No cameras – Ice and water dispenser – 4.2/5 star rating£899
LG GSL960PZXV InstaView Door-in-Door Fridge714L capacity – Built-in camera – Knock twice to see inside – Customizable LED door panels – 4.1/5 star rating£3,299
Bosch KIN86VS30G Counter-Depth Fridge Freezer344L capacity – WiFi for remote access – Automatic defrost – Counter-depth for built-in look – 4.5/5 star rating£939
Best smart fridge costs
silver smart refrigerator in fitted kitchen

Smart ovens allow you to control cooking from anywhere using your smartphone and connected technology. They provide precision heating, Automatic programs, and remote monitoring for effortless meals.

Here are some of the top smart ovens in the UK:

The Bosch HBA534BS0B Electric Single Oven puts high-tech cooking at your fingertips. It uses Home Connect to enable remote control of the oven through the Bosch app.

Turn it on to preheat from the sofa or adjust temperatures while at work so dinner’s ready when you get home. The PerfectBake sensor monitors humidity and automatically adjusts settings for evenly baked goods.

PerfectRoast uses a meat probe to lock in juices for tender, flavourful roasts.

At £779, the Bosch excels at connectivity and auto-cook programs.

For budget-friendly smart oven control, the Morphy Richards 48L Digital Electric Oven keeps things simple. While light on advanced cooking programs, you can still control basic functions like temperature and timers through the supporting app or with Alexa voice commands.

It earns a 4/5 star Amazon rating for delivering smart access at only £99 – quite affordable for this category.

The premium Neff N70 B57CR22N1B Slide and Hide Electric Oven takes convenience up a notch with its slide-away hidden door and FoodView camera inside so you can monitor cooking progress from your phone without letting heat escape.

It’s priced at £1,199 for the unique design and camera integration.

ModelKey FeaturesCost
Bosch HBA534BS0BHome Connect app control  – PerfectBake sensor  – PerfectRoast probe£779
Morphy Richards 48LApp & voice control > – Basic smart functions£99
Neff N70 B57CR22N1BSlide-away door  – FoodView camera£1,199
Smart oven cost and feature comparison
black oven in small white kitchen

For coffee lovers, smart coffee makers allow you to brew customized drinks at the tap of a button. Choose your beans, strength, milk frothing and more for cafe-quality results.

Here are our top Smart Coffee makers:

The De’Longhi Dinamica ECAM 350.55 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine delivers drinks from espresso to cappuccino with advanced personalization.

The built-in burr grinder uses freshly ground beans of your choice. Adjust grind size, temperature, strength and milk frothing via the app for over 5,000 possible drink combinations.

At around £999, it’s a splurge but unmatched for customization.

Prefer simpler single-serve style? The Morphy Richards Pour Over Filter Coffee Maker can be voice controlled through Alexa for hassle-free operation.

Use app controls to schedule brewing, adjust strength and more. It earns a 4/5 star rating on Amazon for its smart connectivity at an affordable £44.99.

For a mid-range fully automated option, the Melitta Barista TS Smart offers specialty coffee drinks at the touch of a button either on the device or app.

Sensor technology delivers consistent timing and temperatures for around £649.

ModelKey FeaturesCost
De’Longhi DinamicaBean-to-cup  – App customization  – Over 5,000 drink combos£999
Morphy Richards Pour OverAlexa voice control  – Scheduled brewing  – Basic smart features£44.99
Melitta Barista TS SmartOne touch specialty drinks  – Consistent timing and temperatures  – Mid-range price£649
Cost and feature comparison of Smart Coffee Makers

With programmable schedules, customizable controls, and voice activation, smart coffee makers allow you to get your caffeine fix just the way you like it with high-tech convenience.

Compare features and pricing to find the ideal smart coffee machine for everything from basic brews to specialty cafe drinks.

black coffee maker appliance on kitchen counter top

With their ability to simplify cooking, streamline food management, and allow control from anywhere, smart appliances offer a new level of convenience in the modern kitchen.

Whether you opt for a top-of-the-line smart refrigerator, oven, or coffee maker, or choose affordable options with basic connectivity, upgrading to connected appliances can revolutionize your cooking experience.

With smart fridges that self-monitor, ovens you can preheat from the couch, and coffee makers you can customize with the tap of an app, your dream kitchen is within reach.

Consider these latest smart models to find the features, functionality and budget fit to make your meal prep easier and take the headaches out of cooking.

Your kitchen routine will never be the same with the power of smart kitchen appliance technology.

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