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Choosing the Perfect Ceiling Lights for Your Living Room

modern living room with track and pendant lights

The right living room lighting sets the mood and creates an ambiance that complements how you use the space, whether for entertaining, family time or relaxing. Ceiling lights for living rooms provide the core general illumination paired with task lighting like lamps and wall lights. With such a wide variety of ceiling light fittings and fixture styles available, making the perfect choice can be overwhelming.

This guide covers the key factors to consider when selecting ceiling lights for a living room makeover.

The living room typically has several different lighting needs. Ceiling lights need to provide flexible ambient illumination for activities like reading, hobbies and conversation.

At certain times, more focused lighting may be required. Think about when you use your living room and typical tasks. Do you need a bright central light for entertaining big groups? Would dimmable fittings allow a cosier ambiance for movie nights?

Your lighting priorities should guide your ceiling light selection. Consider layering ambient, task and accent lighting.

Proportion is key – an appropriately sized light fitting suits the room dimensions and creates the right visual impact.

A small pendant looks lost in a large living room with high ceilings, while an oversized ornate chandelier will overwhelm a cosy space. Measure your room and ceiling height.

Typically the fitting should be around 1/3 the width of the room and hang around 30-40cm from the ceiling. Adjust to your proportions.

modern style ceiling light in living room

Your living room’s existing decor and architecture should influence your fitting choice. Modern minimalist spaces suit sleek pendants or recessed spotlights.

Period Victorian and Edwardian homes need a fitting in-keeping with traditional décor, like a grand chandelier. Play with contrasting styles for dramatic impact like industrial pendants in country cottages.

Consider the ceiling features too. Exposed wood beams offer the perfect opportunity to suspend statement lights at different heights along the length of the room.

Sloped or vaulted ceilings need adjustable long cords and fittings that make a vertical statement.

The lighting source affects the ambiance, energy efficiency and longevity of the fitting. Traditional incandescent bulbs emit warm, inviting light but consume more energy and require regular replacement. Energy saving LED is the modern choice – light quality continues to improve while using a fraction of the energy and lasting up to 25 years.

Living room lighting gets many hours use, so LED makes sense, especially paired with dimmable fittings to control brightness and mood. Some styles like chandeliers suit the glimmer of traditional bulbs. Choose fittings that give you the option to use LED replacements like candle-style bulbs.

track ceiling lights for living room

Pendant lights

Suspended pendant lights bring character. Clustered groups work well over dining zones of open-plan living rooms. Go for adjustable cables so you can tweak the height.


From modest shapes to majestic tiers of crystals, chandeliers make a stunning centrepiece. Opt for wider than tall proportions so they don’t overwhelm.

Recessed Spots

Minimalist sunken spotlights lend understated elegance. Position above focal areas like artwork. Choose adjustable gimbals and dimmable LED.

Track Lighting

Flexible tracks with multiple spots allow targeted lighting over seating, shelves and tables. Go for a warm white light.

Drum Pendants

Cylindrical fabric and metal drum shades cast soft ambient lighting. Cluster in threes at varying heights for interest.

Ceiling Medallions

An ornate medallion adds heritage decorative flair. Choose a fitting that complements its shape like a chandelier.

Beam Lighting

Suspended fittings that accentuate architectural beams. Position them at beam intersections for dramatic effect.

Painted Wood Beams

Play with colour by painting beams and choosing matching or contrasting pendant shades.

The Right Living Room Ceiling Lighting Makes All The Difference

The perfect centrepiece lighting transforms a living space from purely functional to an inviting room you are proud to relax and entertain in.

Cleverly layered lighting provides the right ambiance for both practical illumination and aesthetic impact. So take your time in choosing well-proportioned fittings suited to your room dimensions, features and decor style.

The right living room ceiling lights truly enhance how you enjoy this multifunctional space.

Here are some of the best places to buy ceiling lights for your living room in the UK:

Online Retailers:

  • Lighting Direct – Wide range of ceiling lights from pendant lights to track lighting. Brands like Philips and Astro Lighting.
  • Illuminated Lighting – Stylish modern ceiling lights. Good selection of drum pendants and statement lights.
  • Wayfair – Large selection of affordable ceiling lights. Free delivery over £40.
  • Rockett St George – High-end designer ceiling lights from brands like Tom Dixon. Contemporary and classic styles.
  • Lumens Light & Living – Imported luxury lighting brands not available on UK high street. Modern and classic fittings.
  • Original BTC – British designed heritage and industrial inspired lights. Quality crafted pendants and ceiling fixtures.
  • Amazon – If you know what you are after you can pick up almost any style light directly from Amazon.

Home Improvement Retailers:

  • John Lewis – Reliable high street retailer with a lighting department. Brands like Dar, Graypants and Secto.
  • B&Q – Affordable basic and functional ceiling lights starting from £15. Larger DIY store range.
  • Homebase – Good value ceiling lights from Hampton, Diall and Endon. Budget and mid-range pricing.
  • Dunelm – Extensive lighting collections including many modern and contemporary ceiling fittings.
  • IKEA – For simple Scandinavian style ceiling lights on a budget. Tracks, spots and suspended lamp options.
  • Wickes – Hardware store stocking functional ceiling lights alongside chandeliers and pendants.

Lighting Showrooms:

  • Original Lighting Company – High street lighting showrooms. Wide choice of traditional and modern fittings.
  • Foster and Freeman – Ceiling lights from decorative to minimalist. 63 showrooms across the UK.
  • Alternative Lighting Company – Specialist chandelier and pendant lighting showroom. Luxury brands.

For the biggest selection and latest contemporary designs, online retailers offer an extensive range with convenient home delivery. But lighting showrooms allow you to see lights in person to evaluate quality, size and visual appeal.

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