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From Quaint to Quirky: Design Tips for Every Cottagecore Style

cottagecore style living room. Beige table lamp on table with pastel colour stripey chairs

Cottagecore is the new interior design trend on social media. It is very on-trend at the moment with the younger generation. It is an interior design that is based on vintage styles and stunning colours. It also features natural elements with homemade designs that give a nice cosy touch.

Gone are the days of modern urban and industrial design. Plus, it doesn’t need to be a cottage to have this wonderful design. It can be anything from an apartment to a five-bedroom apartment. If you want a natural home design, it is the perfect interior design.

The Basics Of Cottagecore

Cottagecore is a design that is relatively new to home designers. The term originates from both “cottage,” which means rustic and rural, and “core,” which stems from the hardcore punk scene based in the 1980s. Since the 2010s, cottagecore has become more common in the interior design of homes.

It embraces natural colours much more in comparison to other designs. Homes are now smaller than ever before.

The History Of Cottagecore

Cottagecore first became a hashtag in 2018 and with the rise of TikTok, it has helped this interior trend. Many influencers on platforms like TikTok and Instagram have embraced the cottagecore design and now we see it all over them. This design is there to counteract modern design and take you back in time.

We now live in times where many people are bored of towering concrete buildings in the city centre and prefer rustic and rural cottages, similar to the cottage in the movie, The Holiday. This is why people love cottagecore because it is that dreamy movie set that everybody wishes to experience, especially the younger generation.

It is a very nostalgic design that people adore, which is why they are incorporating it into their homes. Additionally, these interior designs are something that you see more on the internet than in person.

Decorating Tips For Achieving the Cottagecore Design

If you enjoy seeing the cottage-core design but don’t know where to find it, you have come to the right place. There are many design tips to help you achieve the cottagecore interior style so let’s take you through some of them.

Wallpaper Your Cabinet

One of the best ways to create that cottagecore look is to add rustic wallpaper at the back of it. Not only does it add something a little extra to your cabinet so it is no longer boring but it also makes your glassware and ornaments stand out more. They shouldn’t be hidden away by cupboard doors, they should be on display. It is another form of decoration that people adore with its cottagecore design.

Floral Patterns Are The Trend

You can’t have a cottagecore home interior without a floral pattern. Floral patterns give your home that summer and rural feeling. There are many routes you can go down with this design tip. One of those is using floral wallpaper on the back of your hutch, which we previously discussed.

Swapping out your luxury cushions with floral patterned cushion covers is another great way to give your home that summary. While you have your home decorated with floral patterns, you can also purchase a bouquet to give your home that summer smell as soon as you walk into your home.

Go Green

The next tip is to consider greener colours in your home. Again, this gives it that countryside feeling that you want. Plus, green is a very soothing colour and relaxes your mind. If you want the cottagecore design, you must go for colours associated with the countryside during the peak of summer. 

Antique Ornaments and Decorations

Cottagecore is a very vintage look and another great way to achieve that design is by purchasing antique ornaments. The best part about this furniture is that it looks like it has been passed down for many generations when you buy it from a car boot sale. It is the perfect method to avoid buying those expensive and basic-looking ornaments and sway towards a much more intricate design.

Take Yourself Back To The Classics

Something else you can buy is classical furniture. A traditional, tall oak lamp is another great addition to your home. You can also include an oak coffee table to add to it. Old oak or pine wood furniture can be very fitting for your cottagecore home so don’t be afraid to find an old piece of furniture and give it a new life.

Make Use Of Wooden Beams

There are many ways to add to that cottagecore design by making use of wooden beams. If you don’t have exposed wooden beams, then it may be difficult. But if you do, these wooden beams are great for hanging your picture frames with knitted artwork. With these wooden beams, you can explore patterned throws, lampshades and curtains.

Decorate Your Home With Wicker Pieces

Wicker pieces are another great way to decorate your home and add to the cottagecore design. Wicker baskets are not only great for design but you can also store your extra throws and cushions. Just put your basket in the corner of the room and place a flower pot on top where you can put some flowers to add more colour to the room. Plus, you will give your room that summery outside smell you desire with your design

Have A Plush Chair

There is nothing more cottagecore than a plush chair, perfect furniture for a reading chair. This plush chair will not only take you back in time but also take you back to when you were younger and visiting your grandma. Again, you can be creative with the colours, and you don’t need to worry about matching them with the rest of your room. This plush chair will be the statement piece of the room.

Have A Colourful Kitchen

Finally, a colourful kitchen will complete your cottagecore home. First, you need to start with the dining table. We advise choosing a table that comes with benches rather than table chairs. Then you can have a cottagecore style dining cloth that is made of fabric and has flowers as part of the design. Then place throws along your dining tables to make it more comfortable. Once your table is set out, you can add a flower pot with freshly hand-picked flowers. For your table mats, choose something that is made from wicker to fit the rest of the theme.

We also recommend owning a hutch in the corner of your room. As discussed earlier, you can get creative with your hutch/cabinet, storing a variety of plates in a range of colours to add to that cottagecore design. You can also paint this the same colour as your kitchen cupboard paint.


There are many things you can do for your home to help you achieve your cottagecore design. The best thing to do is choose soft pastel colours for all decorations. Additionally, buying antique furniture for your home is another way to decorate your home with a cottagecore theme. It adds to the rustic design you wish to achieve. It is very affordable if you buy your furniture from car boot sales or second-hand stores.

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