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Dressing Your Windows: Perfect Curtains for Bedrooms

Different curtains hung up in bedroom

Choosing curtains for bedrooms is one of the most important details that create the overall look, feel and functionality of a sleeping space.

They influence the ambiance, whether it’s breezy and bright or cozy and muted. For bedrooms, privacy and light control are also key factors that curtains address. With endless options from dramatic floor-length designs to pared-back shading, choosing the right curtains can be overwhelming.

This article will guide you through the key considerations for styling bedroom windows and survey the best curtain styles and materials for a flawless finish.

Unlike living rooms where the priority may be purely decorative, curtains in bedrooms need to serve practical purposes. Blocking out light for sleep is crucial. Opaque blackout lining or tightly interlined curtains prevent light seeping in for nighttime darkness. Insulated curtains add an extra buffer against cold in winter.

Privacy is also key, especially in ground floor bedrooms or where windows are near walkways. Lined curtains that fully close and longer hemlines minimize visibility from outside. In children’s rooms, blackout curtains that darken the room for afternoon naps are a must.

Light control options like dim-out, room darkening and blackout linings allow you to manage sunlight and achieve the right ambiance. Light-filtering linings reduce glare and UV rays while still permitting outside views.

beige curtains in bedroom

Even the most beautiful curtains will look lackluster if poorly fitted. Measure meticulously to calculate the finished length and fullness you require. Tracks and poles need measuring too. Consider your curtain style and check if your specific curtains need extra length for puddling, bunching or to accommodate finials.

Take measurements for every window, don’t assume they are uniform. Note down the exact width and height of each window frame. For floor length curtains, measure from the top of the track down to where you want curtains to finish. Add a mud flap allowance if puddling curtains on the floor.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to measure curtains for bedrooms:

How to Measure Windows for Curtains

Measuring windows correctly is crucial for curtains that fit beautifully and function as intended. Follow these steps:

  • Gather a metal tape measure and pencil and paper for notes. For accuracy, have two people measure together.
  • Measure the width of the window frame at the top, middle, and bottom. Note the dimensions. Calculate the narrowest width.
  • For the length, measure from the top of the window frame down to the window sill.
  • Decide if you want the curtains to puddle on the floor or not. If yes, measure from the top of the window down to the floor. Add 2-3 inches for a puddle allowance.
  • Measure the height and width of any obstructions around the window like handles or radiators that the curtains will need to clear.
  • For outside mounted rods, measure the width of the area you want to cover. Include the window frame width plus any extra width on either side.
  • For inside mounted rods, note the depth of the rod bracket hardware so you can calculate the amount of stack back space needed.
  • If using a track or pole, measure the mounting area’s length. Make sure to get the measurements between the wall ends, not just the window width.
  • For bay or corner windows, take measurements of each individual section and window.
  • Note down all measurements accurately for each window being treated. Also indicate if windows are regular or irregular shaped.
  • Use these measurements to order curtains long and wide enough for a tailored, high quality fit.
grey linen bedroom curtains

From lush velvets to breezy linen, the fabric sets the tone of your bedroom curtains. Velvet curtains create luxe, inviting sleep spaces that feel serene and cosy. Choose cotton or linen for relaxed, casual bedrooms with neutral tones adding flexibility. Floor-length velvet curtains framed with pole finials feel plush and elegant for traditional bedrooms.

Sheer voile under-curtains filter light beautifully while maintaining views. Pair with blackout linings for nighttime darkness. For children’s rooms, go for fun prints, vibrant colors and playful trims for exciting spaces.

Pencil pleat curtains for bedrooms work with most styles from modern to country cottage. Pinch pleat and goblet pleats have classic tailored appeal. For contemporary bedrooms, opt for eyelet curtains with sleek metal grommets topping understated linen or cotton curtains. Panel curtains have a minimalist look.

Maximize flexibility with neutral solids or simple patterns like checks and stripes in beige, white and grey. They work with colour schemes that evolve. Bold printed curtains make more of a style statement.

Extend visual height with floor-length curtains mounted close to ceiling height. They draw the eye up. Avoid cramping low ceilings with shortened curtain lengths. High ceiling rooms can handle dramatic floor puddling hems for opulent appeal.

Build gorgeous layered window treatments. Floor length curtains give structure, while soft voile sheers and sleek wood blinds layered on top filter light and add privacy as needed. Match your curtain heading style but vary textures and patterns.

Use cohesive colours like all white sheers and grey linen curtains for harmony. Introduce contrast with printed sheer panels paired with textured neutral curtains. Warm up modern spaces by pairing linen with cosy knit tie-backs.

Upcycle dated brocade, velvet or chintz curtains from thrift stores or your own home. Use grandma’s curtains again with new trims or as under-curtains paired with solids. Vintage florals and traditional prints add character to period homes and bring a sense of nostalgia becoming a perfect choice of curtains for bedrooms.

Complete your bedroom window treatments with the right functional additions:

  • Sturdy curtain rods and tracks in metals like brass, silver or black iron suit most styles
  • Smooth gliding rings or clips ensure easy drawing
  • Tie-backs accentuate curtains when open
  • Holdbacks keep curtains securely looped
  • Weights or hem tapes for clean hanging
bedroom curtains tied back

With the right design suited to your bedroom style, window measurements and layering, you can craft the perfect window dressings. Tailored curtains not only beautify your bedroom, they ensure darkness, privacy and insulation so you can sleep soundly in a space that embodies your decor taste.

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