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Upgrading Your Home With Decorative Lighting 

decorative lighting on staircase and wall

Your home is the centre of your life. It’s where you host friends, relax, sleep, raise kids, party, work, cook… the list is truly endless. Designing a space so it matches your lifestyle and aesthetic can be challenging. We know all too well the pain of switching up the style of your home, only to then hate it in a year’s time.  

There is an easy way to switch up the mood of your living space, without needing to renovate your interior every 5 minutes. Decorative lighting can alter the ambience of your space, highlight your home’s character or be a captivating centre piece.  

Lighting doesn’t just have to be an essential part of your home design. There are ways to have fun with it and incorporate it into your overall aesthetic. Gone are the days of boring lamps and harsh, cool lighting.  

Decorative Lighting To Enlarge Your Space  

One of the best ways to make your space feel bigger is to fill it with light! Brightness fills the dark corners of a room and gives the illusion of more space. Popping a floor-length lamp in the corner of your room will help liven up what could be a dull space.  

Set The Mood  

Decorative lighting doesn’t have to just be about accentuating other design features. The fixture itself can be the focal point of your room. Statement wall mounts or long pendants work functionally to bring in light but can also act as artistic pieces. Using decorative lighting to make a statement is a classy way of boosting your home’s elegance.  

Outdoor Lighting  

Sometimes we prioritize upgrading our interior design, we then look at our homes and realise the outside does not reflect the inside. One simple way to improve the look of your home is to upgrade your exterior lighting. Whether it’s with porch wall mounts or flood lights, lighting can be used to accentuate your home’s features and extend your living space to the outdoors.   

Highlight Shelving  

Shelving is ideal for storage or displaying things in your home. However, it’s not so ideal when the first shelf absorbs all the light, and then casts unflattering shadows on all the shelves below. By angling spotlights or using LED strip lights, you can elevate this decorative feature a step further.

Decorative Accent Lighting  

Accent lighting is an easy way to show off the decoration of your home. It can be used to highlight an art piece, house plant, or family photo so it remains a focal point throughout the day. The function of accent lighting is to draw attention to whatever you’re trying to accentuate.  

Decorative Lighting On Staircases

Obviously, it’s important to keep your stairs well-lit for your safety. On another note, you can use decorative lighting to enhance the architecture of your home. LED-strip staircase lights are not only a modern touch but also add a sense of grandeur to what can be a dull part of your home.  

Don’t Skip Over Bulbs  

Sometimes, bulbs can be an afterthought. We spend so much time thinking about finding extravagant decorative lighting fixtures, that we forget to finish those off with equally important bulbs. Bulbs offer different hues, brightness, energy efficiency, temperatures and looks. They are worth just as much thought and can be a vital ingredient to completing your home upgrade.  

With these small tweaks to your decorative lighting, you will see your home transform before your eyes! Areas or features which previously went unnoticed will now be captivating attributes to your living space. Rest assured; by switching up your lighting, you can remodel your home for any occasion. Get creative, there really are no limits when it comes to what you can do with your decorative lighting!  

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