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The Corners in Feng Shui Home Explained

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Feng Shui is a well-known term that refers to the spatial arrangement and orientation of the flow of energy (chi). However, there are a lot of people who have never heard of the Feng Shui corners of luck. This is the practice of putting certain elements in different corners of a home to seek a balanced flow of energy that keeps you grounded and harmonises you with your environment.

There are two ways of looking at the luck corners; Classic Feng Shui and Western Feng Shui. While neither of these is wrong, you mustn’t mix the two schools when applying feng shui principles to your home. This can create disharmony and chaos in your feng shui attempt. In this guide, we will take a look at both schools of feng shui and how you can activate your room corners to maximise your luck in different areas of life.

Classic Feng Shui

The corners of the room in Classic Feng Shui will vary in each house depending on which way the house is facing. It works in a compass-style method with each direction representing a different element of luck. The feng shui bagua consists of pie-shaped wedges and each of these sectors can be designed to unlock a specific type of luck. This is placed differently depending on which way the home is facing.

Here are the eight different directions and the areas of life they affect:

  • North: Career luck
  • North-East: Education luck
  • East: Health luck
  • South-East: wealth and luck
  • South: Recognition and fame luck
  • South-West: Love and Relationship Luck
  • West: Descendent luck
  • North West: Mentor luck

Western Feng Shui

Western Feng Shui is also known as the Black Sect of Tantric Buddhism Feng Shui (BTB), and it completely disregards the classic compass style and focuses on only four corners. While it may lack the depth and complexity of Classic Feng Shui, BTB offers a practical and straightforward approach to feng shui to achieve similar results.

Here are the four BTB corners and what they represent:

  • The upper-left corner of all rooms is for wealth.
  • The upper-right corner of all rooms is for love/relationship.
  • The lower-left corner of all rooms is for knowledge/wisdom.
  • The lower-right corner of all rooms is for helpful people and travel.

The five elements of feng shui

ncorporating the five elements of feng shui into your corners is the best way to activate the rooms and maximise your luck. This must be balanced correctly.

Fire element

Considered to be the most powerful element, fire represents energy, passion, expansion and transformation. This can be represented in a variety of ways, such as candles, wall colour or light colour. This element usually works best during the summer and in the south room of classic feng shui (recognition and fame).

Wood element

The incorporation of wood can help develop creative energies, such as inspiration, motivation and passion. It is a great way to purify and redirect chi. If you want to use this element in your home, you can use plants, trees or a wood burning stove. This element usually works best during the spring and in the east and southeast rooms of classic feng shui (health and love).

Water element

This element is directly related to the flow of money and career, and it helps you realise things you no longer need. This can be incorporated into your home through a water feature, aquarium or pond. Alternatively, you can use paintings, crystals or statues to represent this element. This element usually works best during the winter and in the northern room of classic feng shui (career).

Earth element

The earth element represents home and stability, as well as giving a sense of security and support. You can incorporate rock features, thick carpets, old books or antiques into your home to get the most out of this element. This element works best at the end of summer and in the north-east and south-west rooms of classic feng shui (education and love).

Metal element

This unifies all the elements of feng shui. It can give off various energies to different areas, as it stimulates mental strength and intellectual abilities. This makes it easier to focus and think clearly. This element works best during autumn and in the west and northwest rooms of classic feng shui (descendants and mentors). The production cycle demonstrates which elements contribute to the energy of another element. In essence, wood feeds fire, fire creates earth, earth forms metal, metal carries water and water nourishes wood

Activating room corners

Keep the rooms clean

It’s important to keep all the rooms in your home free of any clutter, including dirt, debris and dust. If you have any furniture in your room, you must ensure that you keep good maintenance and regularly dust it to keep it clean. If you live in the UK and have blinds from Watford in your room, these need to stay in great condition to maintain chi. To maximise your luck, you need to ensure that you balance the flow of energy in every room.

Symbols of good luck

Placing elements and symbols of good luck around the room can help the flow of energy. Some symbols of good luck include coins, pots, crystals, mystic knots and a three-legged toad. Good luck charms that relate to the corner will help further.

Avoid poison arrow corners

Poison arrows are natural and manmade structures that form sharp angles and are directed towards both the inside and outside of your home. These can create harsh angles and obstructions in your home, which is considered unhealthy. There are poison arrow cures that you can use to help with this.

Fix anything broken

Making improvements to your home, both big and small, can help improve the feng shui of your home. Any items that are chipped, slightly broken or not working should either be repaired promptly or thrown away.

Decorate with purple

One of the most important ways of activating your room corners is by decorating with colour. Purple is a hue associated with the wealth area, which is the most common and popular area of luck in the home. This colour can be incorporated using artwork, pillows, blankets, painted walls or furniture.

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