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Welcome to HIHUB

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What is The Home Improvement Hub (HIHUB)?

Hi, and welcome to HIHUB!

Firstly we wanted to introduce ourselves and really explain what The Home Improvement Hub (HIHUB) is all about.

We’ve all been there where we just want an answer to a question, or some information to help us make a decision to then be bombarded with websites that are ‘Click bate’ or just trying to get our details.

So that is why HIHUB was created.

Without a doubt all the information is out there already but its not always easily accessible or you need to give something in return (your personal details).

What are HIHUB’s plans?

First and foremost is continue to collect and display everything you need to know about home improvements, latest news, latest products, advice and even average costs.

  • Improve the Advice directory – get you access to all the important governing bodies and schemes
  • Add additional home improvements
  • Create a DIY section
  • Create a Quote Hub

DIY section?

Without a doubt many of us are feeling the pinch with rising costs, the DYI section will be to focus on low cost alternatives to help you improve your home.

Quote Hub?

What happened to not collecting details? This will not be the main focus of the site and you wont need to use it to access information. However for those that would like assistance obtaining free no obligation quotes that’s what this will do.

The Quote Hub will take some time to find the right partner and will be a long term addition.

Thanks for reading! Also keep an eye out for future posts.

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