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The Versatility of Metal Utility Carports

metal carport at end of driveway

From sheltering your car during heavy rain to your homemade barbeque family lunch, a metal carport serves you in many ways. It is an investment for life. From shielding you from harsh sunrays to providing shelter for an evening party with friends, a steel carport is always there for you. A carport stands sturdy in sun, rain, and snow. The certified galvanized steel posts and panels even withstand rusting. With virtually zero maintenance, parking your car or other vehicles is one of the most affordable options. But how multi-functional are your metal utility carports? Have a glance at it below.

The Versatile Persona Of Metal Carports

Car Shelter

You love your sedan car, so keeping it out in the open is not a possibility. Or maybe you are looking to shelter your favorite boat, motorhome, RV, or mini-truck that you bought a few months ago! The metal carport is at your service.

No matter which vehicle you own, parking it while not in use is a major challenge. This is especially true since more than 90% of Americans own at least one car, but only about 66% of them have a garage or a carport. So, where are the cars?

Probably on streets at the mercy of nature, the external environment, and others who are likely to knock off your side mirror or ding your car door while you are away. A metal carport is one of the most budget-friendly alternatives to a garage that will give your vehicle some private space and give you a peaceful sleep during the night.

Commercial Parking

We are not done yet with the parking. New business owners and retail chain stores need affordable parking spaces for employees and customers. This is where the charm of a metal carport comes in handy.

Not only that, these stores and businesses can also use the carport roof as a power generation device by installing solar panels. Commercial power saving can earn you a tax credit via many government schemes.

Agricultural Parking

Your farm equipment is your asset that brings you livelihood. Ensure that they are safe and in proper shelter to prolong their lifespan. For this, you are going to need an affordable parking option for farm machinery. And what better choice can you have if not steel? Not only will your farm vehicles remain safe, but you can also use the multi-purpose utility carport for storing crops, hay, feeds, or other small farm tools such as pesticides or manure. With metal being fire-resistant, you can rest assured that your stored items are dry and safe throughout the year.

Animal Shelter

Who doesn’t love animals? They are cute and lovely beings of their own kind. Be it farm animals or your pets, you love them, and they are your asset. So, to keep them safe from changing weather and intruders like carnivores, you need a robust and sturdy structure that is hard to break into. This is where metal carports shine bright. There’s no need to wake up and go for a check to see if your chickens are safe in the coop. They probably are, unless you have left the door open. Metal panels are so thick and strong that almost no animal can chew them. So, your chickens get a good night’s rest, and you get fresh morning eggs.


Whether it is your hobby or a small plant nursery business, a steel carport is the best choice. You can either transform your old carport or get a new one for the greenhouse. The sturdy galvanized steel frames are designed to be strong enough to support the weight of glass panels.

Not only that, you can also control the amount of shade and sun very easily. Almost any flowering plant or fruit can be grown. With your skills and the longevity of steel, your greenhouse will be a thing to talk about amongst your neighbors.

Open Workshop

Almost all Americans spend a few hours a week in their garage doing some wood or crafting work. And we all know how much woodwork releases dust during work and creates debris afterward. Since garages are closed structures, you will likely inhale wooden dust at some point.

With open metal utility carports, you don’t have to worry about confined spaces where dust will be scattered. You can do your work efficiently, even with long and large wooden planks, without hitting them against any wall. The scattered dust can be cleaned in the aftermath without worrying much.

Covered Deck/ Patio

No matter whether you are a morning or an evening person, a cup of joe is incomplete without a glimpse of sunshine. A covered patio or deck will give you just enough sunlight to make your day without exposing you to excessive UV rays that can harm your skin.

Further, metal utility carports can be converted into permanent decks to install an outdoor sitting area or fireplace to enjoy. Now, won’t that be wonderful?

Solar Powered Carports

Alert! For budget conscious. Metal carports can be equipped with solar panels to generate free electricity for your home. Given the rising cost of energy bills year after year, it seems to be a better option to cut down on energy bills without compromising. If you are worried that your carport isn’t strong enough to support the weight of heavy solar panels, don’t worry. There are new innovations that save us every time we are in trouble. You can go with peel-and-stick or flexible solar panels. They are lightweight & work similarly to traditional panels.


The whole purpose of metal utility carports is to give you the flexibility to keep your vehicle and give you some storage space. You can store garden tools and install pegboards, vertical shelves, etc., to give your steel utility car shed an organized storage structure. You can choose steel carports with storage units as a combo option, which various steel dealers offer. Pick a size that fits your bill.

How To Install Metal Carports?

There are just three things you need to install a steel carport on your property. They are as follows:

Permit: Building permits and compulsory in most states of the United States. You will need to fill out a form with a blueprint of your carport along with your personal details and submit it for approval.

You have to pay a fee of $100 to $300. The exact fee depends upon the size of your carport and the insurance fee. Once submitted, it may take up to 2 weeks to get approval.

Foundation: You can pour concrete or asphalt or dirt & gravel as your base. You can simply level your ground for your carport, too. Ensure that the installation site has 2 to 3 ft. of extra space.

Machinery: Telehandler, stairs, and other small tools are vital for installation, especially if you are DIY-ing. Construction can take up to three days to finish, depending on the dimensions and weather conditions.

Various Sizes of Metal Utility Carports

WidthLengthHeightEstimate cost
Carport size and cost comparison

But Why Choose Metal As A Raw Material?

  • high strength & durability
  • long-lasting
  • affordable
  • fast installation
  • weather resistant
  • unaffected by pests, mold, & mildew
  • sturdy and maintains its structural integrity
  • customizable
  • non-combustible
  • less labor charges
  • easy to maintain
  • offer protection to your car
  • sustainable & eco-friendly

Overall, It May Be Said

Metal utility carports are exceptionally versatile, and their practical applications are useful to buyers. These carports are adaptable and can be personalized with various options such as colors, type of roofing style, metal panel design, column-free interior, and great external design.

Investing in a metal carport is one of the best decisions that you have taken. An open structure that gives so much functionality to its owner is a hard-to-miss deal. So, if you consider getting a steel carport, you can go confidently. When buying a carport, choose a certified metal dealer who offers you high-quality steel at a reasonable price. Do not forget to ask about warranties and additional perks like shipping & installation without extra charges.

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