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Top 7 Ways To Use Porcelain Tiles At Home

grey porcelain tiles for outside area leading into open plan kitchen with bifold doors

Porcelain tiles are a luxury commodity that can elevate the styling of your home decor to an ethereal state. They are versatile, making them exceptional for adding functionality to interior spaces and durable enough to last a lifetime. From a cost perspective, they are more affordable than natural elements but a step up in premium quality compared to ceramic tiles.

One can utilise porcelain tiles in various ways, and the only limitation is your imagination as a homeowner. Take a step back, relax, and immerse yourself in your imagination as we delve into the seven ways you can lay the porcelain foundations for your home.

1) Outdoor Tiles

grey porcelain tiles in outdoor seating area

Outdoor spaces serve as the gateway to homes, creating the first impression and immersing visitors in your home’s design. Choose your styling, from monochromatic tones to a Middle Eastern aesthetic, selecting the ones that resonate with you. Opt for Matte porcelain tiles with R+PTV protections to ensure exceptional ruggedness and slip resistance, especially for pool splash areas.

If you have a gazebo or a semi-covered area, enhance the space with glazed porcelain tiles for a luxurious chic aesthetic. Consider using Large Porcelain tiles to expand horizons and create a sense of openness. To safeguard your flooring, apply sealers and grout to prevent dust, debris, and organic matter from infiltrating.

2) Bathroom Tiles:

Bathroom with small blue wall tiles and white porcelain floor tiles

UK homeowners are embracing unique aesthetics and styles when exploring the possibilities of porcelain in bathrooms. Create an immersive space with large porcelain tiles for the main bathroom, or choose small tiles with unique patterns for children’s bathrooms. Collaborate with tile experts, contractors, and architects to explore creative design ideas.

The best porcelain bathrooms inspire deep introspection and rejuvenation as individuals bathe and energise throughout the day. Therefore, opt for contemporary designs that resonate with your inner self.

Enhance your bathrooms with unique lighting to illuminate the space with a bounce lighting effect. Consider repurposing old porcelain tiles to create a beautiful wall pattern that further enhances the overall aesthetic.

Bathrooms serve as gateways and monuments to oneself, so indulge in them with exceptional porcelain tiles.

3)Kitchen Tiles:

White kitchen with orange pots and pans

Kitchens are where cuisines of extraordinary deliciousness and nutritional value are prepared, creating connections within the whole family. They can also serve as a cultural gateway, allowing you to traverse the globe and feel a part of different countries’ unique ideas. Considering all these attributes, the selection of porcelain kitchen tiles can be playful, open, and modernistic to let everyone be part of the culinary experience.

Regarding the robustness of kitchen spaces, porcelain tiles are the best choice for your wall and floor options. They can handle heavy pans, splashes, and constant moisture with exceptional water resistance. Use porcelain tiles on the slabs and in every corner of your choice for timeless elegance.

Additionally, enhance your space by incorporating R+PTV functionality, bright designs, and small porcelain tiles in the kitchen backsplash to create an immersive culinary experience.

4)Mosaic Wall:

mosaic wall in red yellow and blue colours

Mosaic walls have been a part of ancient expression through different eras and cultures like Ancient Rome, Greece, and modern religious coliseums. It’s how one imbibes and expresses the human spirit creatively, representing one’s imagination.

In many ways, home transformations and architectural exploration deeply connect in their passion for expression. Therefore, a mosaic wall can be an exceptional addition to your home decor. It opens conversations and elevates your home to ancient expressionistic glamour.

Explore designs, patterns, and colours using porcelain tiles to create a wall in the hallway or dining rooms. Use small porcelain formats throughout the space, mixing and matching them for unique centrepieces.

5) Exceptional Tile Accents:

Blue tiles with gold and yellow tile accents

Tile accents are gorgeous design features that enhance and create connective lines through various design elements, resulting in a home with a seamlessly flowing ambience. This concept involves bringing cohesion into different spaces, with geometrical lines acting as catalysts.

Another popular idea among different homes is imitating various natural designs to create mix-and-match contrasting effects. The benefits include getting the exceptional quality of porcelain and enjoying the material aesthetics.

Exploring exciting ideas can set your home apart from the endless array of similar designs, making it stand out. 

6) Heat-Proof Porcelain Tiles:

heat-proof porcelain tiles used for an outdoor seating area with glass table and seat

One of the exceptional qualities of porcelain tiles is their outstanding durability, enabling them to handle different temperature changes easily. Utilise their unique composition as a roofing option to shield your interior space from the scorching summer heat, enhancing your comfort.

For UK winter homes, consider transforming them with underfloor heating solutions to ensure your home remains warm and cosy. Leverage the exceptional qualities of porcelain tiles for an all-weather-proof home that feels comfortable and inviting despite harsh conditions.

Contact your tile contractors and design experts to explore how your home can be transformed!

7) Porcelain Tile Fireplace

green porcelain tile fire place surround in large open apartment.

Having explored the exceptional heat-proof properties of porcelain tiles, why not leverage these qualities to create an impressive fireplace? Porcelain tiles add classiness to the space and evoke a sense of warmth, creating lasting memories. Make it the centrepiece of your living room by choosing a sparking colour to ensure it carries that extra oomph factor.

To remain evergreen, use thick porcelain tiles that rank exceptionally high on the PEI (Porcelain Enamel Institute) scale.


We find ourselves in the golden age of material designs and manufacturing techniques, allowing homeowners to tailor their choices to their preferences. This era presents opportunities beyond what is possible with natural materials. Consequently, porcelain has become the symbol and choice for upscale homes and styling.

Seize the advantages of porcelain tiles to express yourself and unlock your home’s potential with limitless possibilities. Commencing your 2024 with an exquisite design refresh, using the new designs and pattern collection, is the perfect way to enhance your lifestyle.

Consult with architects, experts, and engineers as they hold the key to the best transformations and can help craft bespoke timeless elegance for your home.

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