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Why You Should Get Solar Panel Quotes for Your Home

Solar on two roofs of detached house

Going solar is an exciting investment that can slash your energy bills and carbon footprint. But with so many solar panel options, costs and installers to evaluate, getting accurate solar panel quotes tailored to your household is key to making the right system choice.

This comprehensive guide covers how to get the ball rolling with free solar panel quotes, what to expect, key questions to ask installers, and expert tips for identifying the best value solar investment for your home.

Why Get Quotes?

Getting multiple solar quotes is highly recommended because:

  • It allows you to compare costs from different installers rather than going with the first quote. Prices can vary greatly.
  • You can compare panel brands, warranties and technologies like monocrystalline vs polycrystalline.
  • Quotes give you specific system size recommendations based on your roof, usage and budget.
  • They outline your applicable incentives, rebates and payback period.
  • It allows you to assess an installer’s experience, reviews and services.

Getting started with free, no obligation quotes provides valuable information so you can make the most informed solar decision.

Reputable solar installers will provide detailed quotes outlining:

  • System size – The number of panels and kilowatt capacity recommended.
  • Panel types and brands.
  • Total upfront cost – With a line by line cost breakdown.
  • Projected annual energy generation and bill savings.
  • Applicable rebates, incentives like the Smart Export Guarantee.
  • Finance options like solar loans, if applicable.
  • Payback period – The number of years before your system effectively pays for itself.
  • Estimated installation timeframe from order to commissioning.
  • Warranty details on panels and components like inverters.

Some installers may also provide solar return on investment calculators and free solar performance estimates based on your roof and energy profile.

Quotes should cover all these details so you can accurately compare offerings.

Solar panel being installed on a house

To clear up any areas of uncertainty and allow you to make an informed decision, be sure to ask installers the following questions about their solar quotes:

  • Can you explain the system sizing recommendations? Is there scope to install additional panels in future?
  • Why have you chosen these panel brands and technologies?
  • Please summarise all included components like panels, inverter, frame etc.
  • Are there any additional costs not stated in the quote for items like scaffolding?
  • What are the payment and timeline terms if we proceed?
  • Who will be responsible for connecting the system to the grid?
  • How long have you been installing solar and what warranties do you provide?
  • Can you provide examples and references from previous customers?

Avoid quotes with prices that seem disproportionately cheap, as it may indicate low quality panels or workmanship to reduce costs.

With quotes in hand, how do you decide on the best installer and system? Key tips include:

  • Check reviews on sites like Trustpilot and Google along with social media. Look for long-term consistency.
  • Ask how many systems they have installed locally and request examples of their work.
  • Look for endorsements like awards and certifications. Well regarded associations include MCS, HIES and RECC.
  • Evaluate their specialties – do they excel with complex installs like slate roofs?
  • Understand your payment plan and financing options.
  • Consider additional services like repairs and panel cleaning.
  • Get a sense of their customer service levels from initial contact through to post-install support.

While cost is a factor, prioritise quality panels and experienced installers for maximum ROI (Return on investment).

installed solar panels

Solar technology continues advancing while costs are becoming more affordable. Here’s a quick guide to solar in 2023:

  • Panel efficiencies now exceed 20% conversion, with premium models up to 25% efficient.
  • Improved manufacturing is bringing down solar costs year-on-year.
  • Battery storage systems are more affordable and can provide power during blackouts.
  • Smart technology enables real-time system monitoring and optimisation.
  • Additional revenue can be generated via the Smart Export Guarantee by selling excess power back to the grid.
  • Electricity prices continue rising, improving solar payback.
  • Government incentives like FIT payments have declined, but solar is still worthwhile.
  • Interest in solar continues to grow, especially amongst homeowners.

While upfront costs are still the main barrier, solar makes increasing financial sense for households with large daytime power usage. Quoting allows you to evaluate if going solar could be a smart move in 2023 and beyond.

By following the tips in this guide, you’ll be ready to review your personalized quotes and find the offer that best suits your budget, home and needs:

  • Look at the system size recommended – is it sufficient to greatly reduce your bills?
  • Compare panel technologies like monocrystalline and polycrystalline efficiencies.
  • Review the itemised list of components and equipment included.
  • Check warranty durations on all equipment. At least 10 years is preferred.
  • Evaluate the payback period and ROI for your property.
  • Consider additional services like repairs and portal access.
  • Check finance costs if considering solar loans.
  • Weigh up guarantees like solar buy-back schemes.

The key is taking your time and completing due diligence across multiple quotes rather than going with your first option.

Follow up with installers on any unclear areas. An investment as large as going solar deserves your detailed consideration to determine if solar is right for you and to identify the best installer and system for your household.

Why not take advantage of our completely free to use service and obtain quotes from vetted installers local to you. Still want to learn more about solar before getting a quote? head over to our dedicated Solar page!

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