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Elevating Your Living Space with Statement Ceilings

Glass laterns on statement ceiling in living room

Designing a home is a challenging experience for homeowners and property investors alike. Home aesthetics affect our moods and our lives greatly as we spend most of our time in our houses. We host parties, hang out with our family and friends, work, enjoy our hobbies, cook, read, and participate in various activities in our homes, making it crucial to personalize our spaces as the design of the space greatly influences an individual’s mood and thoughts.

The aesthetics of your home can motivate you to be more active or get you depressed, therefore it’s crucial to create custom space for yourself. One thing property owners often overlook when renovating their homes is the ceiling. Sometimes we design our spaces beautifully but one thing is missing, we never think to perhaps paint our ceiling to add a bold touch to our design.

Yes, at times statement ceilings can decrease property value, but if it’s well done and goes well with the whole space design, it could even increase the price. Besides, why should you live your current life based on whether or not you may sell your home years into the future? What matters is that you enjoy your home right now!

Why should I decorate my ceiling?

Fancy ceilings can transform your space into a luxurious environment, no matter the initial value, the most important thing is that the statement ceiling is done tastefully. Bold ceilings are one of the new home improvement trends that interior designers choose to transform spaces. The ceiling deserves some attention when remodeling your space as well. So what are the benefits of bold ceilings?

Statement ceilings add interest to neutral spaces

A bold ceiling can instantly add some flavor to your neutral space. Looking around your home, you may think something is missing, but if you like the flooring and wallpaper choices, try adding some color or pattern to the ceiling. Even one single piece of decor added to your ceiling can transform your space.

Statement ceilings give your space a consistent look

Additionally, adding statement ceilings to your home can turn the design into a consistent aesthetic. Adding details to your ceiling that are similar to the wallpaper details gives the home a harmonious and put-together visual.

Statement ceilings can be the perfect end to your day

Moreover, the bold ceiling design gives you something to look at before you go to sleep. Your bedroom ceiling is the last thing you see at the end of the day before you close your eyes. Therefore, a colored ceiling to your taste allows you to sleep well and wake up energized.

Wooden ceiling with sky lights and circle window illuminating white bed

Statement Ceiling Options

Now that you have made up your mind to transform your environment by adding a bold ceiling to the design, you need to figure out how. Different aesthetics require different choices, it depends on your taste, the atmosphere of your home, and home proportions.

Patterned Ceilings

Patterns add an interesting touch to the design as a whole. You may think a simple white ceiling is the perfect option for your space, but it could still use a little spice. You could decorate a white ceiling with patterns to create a more harmonious and captivating look in the room. 3D patterns can spruce up your property and add a luxurious feel to the environment.

Ceiling Murals

The design of your home should not have to end at the edges of the wall. You can hire professional painters to create ceiling murals that fit the aesthetics of your home with its colors and vibes. Adding ceiling murals could transform your bedroom into a Renaissance-style space, allowing you to feel like you live in a luxurious mansion.

Such unique ceilings can leave your visitors in awe of your home design. Moreover, ceiling murals can increase your property value once you decide to sell if it’s harmonious and professional. Imagine looking at a beautiful sky every morning you wake up, bedroom ceiling murals can help you start the day energized and excited.

Coffered Ceiling

If you like fancy ceilings, you can think about adding a coffered ceiling to your rooms. The coffered ceiling can be colored or simply white, adding a modern yet classic look to your space. You can add light fixtures around or in between the ceiling patterns to play around with lighting. Such a design is not only fresh but also creates an expensive look.

Dark Ceilings

In case your home design looks too cold or bright, and you want to add some warmth by changing your ceiling, consider painting your ceiling with a dark color. Dark and bold ceilings can completely revolutionize your home. Moreover, dark ceilings can visually change the size of the room. Dark colors on your ceiling can create an intimate space, it’s especially beneficial if your home has overwhelmingly high ceilings.

Wood Ceilings

One of the most interesting ways to create a warm and inviting space in your home is by installing wood ceilings. Wooden ceilings can create a cozy and intimate atmosphere in your home. If you are going for a cozy cabin aesthetic at your home, you could try adding wooden details to your ceiling to create a harmonized and classic look.

Moreover, you could add wood panels to create an amazing ceiling look, creating a classic, old-fashioned aesthetic in your home. Wooden ceiling panels are low-maintenance and they help you soundproof your home and create better acoustics in different rooms.

Sky Lighting

If you are looking for ways to brighten up your home, consider installing skylighting on your ceilings. Windows on ceilings can not only brighten up your space, but create a more beautiful atmosphere, and energize your home. Moreover, skylighting is an energy-efficient option that helps you save a fortune on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Large open bedroom with white and grey pillows with recessed light on ceiling


Finally, decorating your home using statement ceilings may be the best option for you as a homeowner if you want to take a bold step forward. Many designers avoid coloring ceilings, adding murals, and decor details, as using a statement ceiling is a dangerous move. If not done correctly, it could be harmful to your design. However, tasteful decorations on your ceiling can create such a beautiful and luxurious atmosphere that it’s worth the risk. A statement ceiling can transform your home from your house into an aesthetic paradise efficiently.

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