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Staying Warm in the Bathroom: A Guide to Bathroom Heaters

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Keeping your bathroom warm can be a challenge. The bathroom is often the coldest room in the house due to its small size, lack of heat vents, and exposure to drafts from windows or exterior walls. Adding dedicated bathroom heaters is the best way to keep your bathroom cosy during cold weather.

When shopping for bathroom heaters, you’ll find there are several effective options to choose from. Radiant electric heaters, radiators, and towel warmers that also emit heat are all popular choices. Consider the size of your bathroom, your budget, and your decor taste when deciding on the right bathroom heater.

Electric bathroom heaters offer an affordable and easy way to add direct, instant heat to your bathroom. These heaters come in portable and wall-mounted versions. Portable bathroom heaters have the advantage of being very easy to install – just plug them in and position them where desired. Wall-mounted electric bathroom heaters hardwire into your home’s electrical system for a cleaner look without any cords.

Most electric bathroom heaters have adjustable thermostats, allowing you to control the temperature. They are very energy efficient – smaller versions use less than 1000 watts while larger models may use 1500 watts or more. Just keep in mind that the larger the bathroom, the more wattage you’ll need for adequate heating.

Consider a wall-mounted electric heater for smaller bathrooms like half baths or master baths.

Standalone electric heaters like the Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater work well for larger bathrooms. The elongated design directs warmth from the 1,500-watt ceramic heating element straight to where you need it most. A bonus is that this 55-inch tall freestanding heater can pivot to direct heat in any direction.

Radiators are commonly used for heating in many parts of Europe, and they can also be a great option for warming bathrooms. The best bathroom radiators combine form and function – not only do they provide gentle warmth, but they also serve as an elegant focal point in your bathroom’s decor.

One major benefit of bathroom radiators is that they warm up gradually and emit a gentle heat for hours. This helps maintain a stable, comfortable temperature in your bathroom. The radiant warmth they provide when wall mounted feels cozy without being drying.

You have lots of choices when it comes to sizes and styles. Select a vertically oriented model at least 40 inches high for the most effective warming. Sleek modern square or rectangular radiators in finishes like polished chrome, glossy white, and matte black pair nicely with contemporary bathroom designs. For a more classic look, opt for curved decorative radiators in bronze, brass, or nickel.

When choosing your bathroom radiator, make sure to get one with the proper British thermal unit (BTU) rating for the size of your bathroom. You’ll need a higher BTU output (in the 1000+ range) for larger bathrooms. Have a heating professional size and install your bathroom radiator properly so that it can heat your space efficiently.

2 black bathroom radiators in modern bathroom

If you want to add heat to your bathroom while also creating a modern, stylish look, a black finish bathroom radiator is a great option. Black radiators seamlessly fit into contemporary color schemes.

Matte black or flat black finishes add a sophisticated touch. Glossy black radiators make more of a sleek, dramatic statement. Opt for a compact vertically oriented black radiator for smaller bathrooms. You can find black versions of classic column radiators as well as more modern vertical rectangular designs.

Place your black bathroom radiator strategically on an accent wall or in a spot where it can radiate warmth efficiently throughout your space. Just be aware that black radiators are more likely to show water stains and sputtering, so aim to position them away from water sources.

Towel warmers are primarily designed to do what their name implies – gently warm towels for a luxurious feel as soon as you step out of the shower or bath. However, they also serve as bathroom heaters, providing radiant warmth to elevate your bathroom’s cosiness.

Most models allow you to use the towel warming and heating functions separately or together. When set on heating mode, towel warmers use an internal electric, hydronic, or steam heating element to warm themselves up to about 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows them to emit a comfortable radiant heat into your bathroom.

Towel warmers come in a range of materials, from classic chrome or brass finishes to polished wood looks. Horizontal bar styles take up minimal wall space, while more decorative models make a statement. Position your towel warmer/heater conveniently close to where you exit the tub or shower.

If you’re looking for luxury bathroom heating, heated floors and heated toilet seats take cosiness to the next level. In-floor electric heating systems involve installing heating mats or cables under flooring materials like tile.

They provide enveloping warmth and heated surfaces under your feet. Heated toilet seats make sitting down on a cold toilet on winter mornings much more pleasant. These splurge-worthy add-ons require professional installation but take your bathroom comfort to new heights.

Bathroom with radiator and towel rails

With so many excellent options – from affordable portable heaters to elegant radiators and towel warmers – you’re sure to find the perfect heater to keep your bathroom cosy this winter.

Consider your bathroom size, style, and budget to determine the best choice. Follow proper electric or hydronic heating safety precautions and enjoy a warm bathroom all season long with the addition of a bathroom heater.

When choosing a radiator for your bathroom, two main options are electric and traditional hydronic radiators. Here’s how they compare:

Electric Radiators

  • Heat comes from an internal electric heating element. No need to connect to hot water or steam system.
  • Provide instant heat as soon as you turn them on. Offer convenient controls like timers and thermostats.
  • More energy efficient. Use less electricity compared to other bathroom heating options.
  • Slim, sleek, modern designs. Made of aluminum or steel. Quiet operation.
  • Limited heat output based on wattage. Might not be sufficient for very large bathrooms.

Traditional Hydronic Radiators

  • Use hot water from your home’s boiler system circulated through internal pipes.
  • Cast iron or steel construction. Classic decorative designs like column-style available.
  • Provide very even, consistent radiant heat from all sides. Excellent for warming large bathrooms.
  • Require professional installation and connection to your home’s hydronic system.
  • Slower to heat up than electric models. Rely on your home’s boiler system operation.

Overall, electric radiators provide fast, convenient heat while hydronic models offer timeless elegance and robust heating power for large bathrooms. Choose based on your bathroom size, heating needs and decor preferences.

There are many great options for purchasing bathroom heaters in the UK. Look for specialized bathroom retailers like Victorian Plumbing, Bathroom Takeaway, and UK Bathrooms for a wide selection of electric, hydronic and towel warmer heaters.

Hardware stores like B&Q and Homebase also carry portable electric bathroom heaters and some towel warmer models. For radiators, check out UK companies like BestHeating and UK Radiators that offer many sizes and designs.

You can also find black, chrome, and designer radiators for bathrooms from UK sellers like Traditional Radiators Online and QS Supplies. For the widest selections, shop online for the biggest range of bathroom heater types, sizes, finishes and designs – with great selections available with Amazon UK.

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