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The Cost of Double Glazing in 2024

Double glazing covered in Ivy

With energy prices on the rise, many homeowners are looking to double glazing as a way to improve insulation, reduce noise, and lower heating bills. But what is the cost of double glazing in 2024? In this article, we’ll break down the typical costs associated with double glazing in the UK.

The cost of double glazing can vary quite significantly depending on the type, style and number of windows you need replaced.

On average though, to kit out a full house with double glazing, homeowners can expect to pay between £3,000 – £6,000 for the installation of high quality uPVC double glazing.

Some of the main factors that affect double glazing costs are:

  • Number of windows – More windows means higher costs. The typical 3 bed house may have around 8-10 windows.
  • Window sizes – Larger windows that require more materials and glass cost more.
  • Window styles – Simple casement windows are cheapest. Bay windows, arched windows or sash windows cost more.
  • Frame material – uPVC frames are the most common and cost effective option. Wooden frames are more expensive.
  • Glass specifications – Standard double glazing is fine for most homes. Upgrading to things like acoustic glass, security glass or solar control glass adds to costs.
  • Additional extras – Costs also increase if you want features like trickle vents or Georgian bars.
Double glazing in kitchen

To give an idea on costs, a simple uPVC double glazed casement window can cost between £400-£800 to install.

A larger sash window may cost between £800-£1200. This shows how the style and size can impact price.

The cost of double glazing in 2024 can increase if you upgrade hardware and security, here are some additional details on the potential costs for enhancements and upgrades to hardware and security for double glazing:

Hardware Upgrades:

  • Upgraded hinges – More durable stainless steel or brass hinges £20-40 per window
  • Handle upgrades – Antique black, gold, chrome handles £25-60 per handle
  • Push to open mechanisms – For easier window opening £50-100 per window
  • Restrictor hinges – Limit how far windows can open £30-50 per window
  • Trickle vents – Allow background ventilation £50-100 per window

Security Upgrades:

  • Multi-point window locks – Enhanced security with 3-5 lock points £50-100 per window
  • Lockable window handles – Keyed handles for extra security £75-150 per window
  • Laminated glazing – Two panes bonded with interlayer £100-150 per window
  • Toughened glass – Tempered for increased strength £75-125 per window
  • Acoustic glass – Reduces outside noise £100-200 per window
  • Obscure glazing – Privacy glass for bathrooms etc £50-100 per window

Other Enhancements:

  • Georgian bars – Add period character £80-150 per window
  • Coloured foils – Add colour tint to glass £100-250 per window
  • Internal glazing seals – Enhanced weatherproofing £50-100 per window
  • Frame adornments – Horns, arches, leaded glass £100-500 per window

Hardware, security and aesthetic upgrades to double glazing can range from £20 up to £500 per window depending on the types of enhancements required. This would be factored into the overall project budget.

Because prices can vary so much, it is highly recommended to get at least 3 quotes from reputable local double glazing installers before making any decisions.

Be wary of quotes that seem significantly cheaper than others, as this may indicate lower quality products or workmanship

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How many windows or doors do you want to replace?

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The company, products, workmanship and guarantees can all affect price, so get quotes that accurately reflect the specifications you want. For example, make sure they include:

  • uPVC frame material
  • Certified high energy efficiency glass
  • Correct window styles and opening mechanisms
  • Composite weatherproofed frames
  • Internally beaded windows
  • Multi-point window locks
  • Concealed window hardware
  • 10 year install guarantees
  • Relevant accreditation such as FENSA and CERTASS

Avoid the cheapest quotes that don’t feature key things like certified energy efficient glass, weather seals and multi-point locks.

Paying a little more for quality installers and materials can save money and hassle in the long run.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred installer and products, what are the typical installation costs? This will of course depend on how many windows need installing in your property.

Expect installation costs to be in the region of:

  • Small flat with 2-3 windows – £500-£800
  • 2 bedroom house with 5 windows – £800-£1200
  • Semi-detached house with 8-10 windows – £1500-£2500
  • Large 4 bedroom detached house with 12-15 windows – £2000-£4000

These costs are for full window removal and replacement with double glazing. The timeframe for completion is usually 1-2 days depending on property size.

Additional Costs to Factor In:

When budgeting for double glazing, also factor in some potential additional costs:

  • Old window removal costs – disposing of old frames £50-200
  • Making good – plastering, re-decorating of £100-500
  • Building regulations fees – £150-500
  • VAT at 5% is payable on the total bill

There can also be added costs if your home needs any renovation work before new windows can be installed, like sill replacement or brickwork repairs around the windows.

So in summary, while double glazing an average semi detached house may cost £3,000-£6,000 depending on spec, factoring in potential extras can bring a total budget up to £5,000-£8,000. Get thorough quotes outlining all expected costs before commencing work.

Double glazing on town house

The benefits of double glazing extend well beyond short term insulation and noise reduction. Investing in modern glazing can reduce home heating bills by 10-15% annually.

With energy prices soaring in 2024 and expected to rise further over the coming years, double glazing can provide excellent long term savings on bills of £100-300 per year.

New double glazing also adds value when it comes time to sell. It improves kerb appeal and can boost resale value by around 5-7% according to estate agents. This means the investment can be recouped if the home is sold.

Light, bright, draught-free indoor environments also have positive impacts on comfort and wellbeing for the homeowners who get to enjoy the benefits all year round after installation.

While the upfront cost of double glazing may seem high, the long term benefits for energy efficiency, reduced bills, improved comfort and added property value make it a smart investment in the home for many UK homeowners.

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