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Triple glazing vs Double glazing – should you upgrade?

Energy rating sticker on double glazed windows

Firstly, double glazing is still the most popular choice on UK homes, however many homeowners do still consider triple glazing instead. The question is, is it really worth the upgrade? Let’s dig into it and find out.

How triple glazing works is by securing 3 panes of glass within a seal window frame. The gaps between each pane are filled with air or an insulating gas, such as Argon, which will enhance the window’s ability to retain heat.

  • Most of the heat loss in homes occurs through the windows, typically around 10%. Triple glazing insulates better than double, lowering energy bills and keeping your home warmer in the winter. Obviously with the improved heat retention it makes it especially useful if you are looking to replace single or old double glazing.
  • It is more effective at reducing condensation build up on your windows
  • Three panes of glass are harder to break than two, making it hard for any potential break ins.
  • The additional third pane also works wonders with noise pollution, helping you enjoy some peace and quiet.
  • It is a more expensive option than double glazing, however it should repay itself over time primarily by reducing your energy bills – which doesn’t seem to be going down anytime soon.

Double glazing works in the same way as triple glazing, the difference being only 2 panes instead of 3.

  • You can get double glazed windows that can achieve Window Energy Ratings (WER) of A and above, meaning they are extremely efficient.
  • The initial outlay is cheaper than triple glazing
  • You can get multi-locking systems that will ensure a high level of security for your home.

Installing triple glazing may not be necessary if you already have high energy-efficient double glazing. Simply getting secondary glazing fitted instead would provide the boost to security, thermal performance, and noise reduction.

With that being said, a much higher percentage of heat is lost through a home’s windows than the walls. Therefore, home with a large number of windows and/or Bi-fold doors would considerably benefit from the improved thermal performance you get with triple.

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